Youtube how to cut your own hair short

youtube how to cut your own hair short
It won't be perfect, but it will help. Plus, I have no money. The hair you are sporting in your current avatar pic is The Best.

This is how I've cut my hair for the past 5 years: I was long over due for a hair cut: D I decided to do an update on how I cut layers in my hair!!

youtube how to cut your own hair short

I bought these scissors a few days ago because I've really needed a hair cut. I have been doing my own hair for years!! This is my own technique that has worked for ME! My tip is to take only a little off at a time.

youtube how to cut your own hair short

That way there are no big mistakes. I also recommend having someone help you if it's your first time. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! I love you all!!! Some links may be affiliate links XOX. Have you ever had a bad experience in a hair salon? Tell me your stories in the comments!!!

Thumbs up for more hair videos: D I hope you find this method helpful, let me know how it goes for you if you cut your hair at home for the first time! I have been trimming my own layers and length since grade Sometime during high school, and I have been cutting my own bangs since I can remember. The few times I have gone to a salon to get my bangs or hair cut, it's been a disaster: If you can relate, I hope this video helps you out and inspires you to learn!

Scissors I use to cut my hair: How to grow hair FAST 2.

youtube how to cut your own hair short

Updated contour and highlight routine 3. Incase you're wondering Tutorial starts at 2: In todays video I will be taking you guys through the steps on how I cut my own front framing layers. If you guys are interesting in seeing how I do this at home then go ahead and keep watching xox. How to cut Layered hairstyle and bangs.

youtube how to cut your own hair short

How to cut layers and bangs using the CreaClip, now you can create volume in your hairstyle and get professional results. Create layered hairstyles at home. Layer Your Own Hair.

A super-easy technique I use to maintain the layered look in my hair! I just did this myself and it was super easy!!

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No more trips to the salon for just a cut!! I am so going to try this — last two pro cuts I had my hair was lopsided and TOO neat — I wanted messy! Here goes nothing — I figure it looks a mess right now anyway, so how can I really go wrong!?!? And the results are better than the salon and barbershop. I have long thin straight hair.

I cut off about 2 inches. It was so easy!

youtube how to cut your own hair short

I have gone from one bad haircut to the next even showing pictures of what I want. Where I live, I ask someone with beautiful hair where they get it done, and they tell me they do it themselves! My other-half helped chop the V off had to put my faith in him!

So glad I can do it myself and not have to pay for it anymore. Thanks so much for your tutorial! My hair was down to my hips and it is thick, coarse, and wavy.

How To Cut Your Own Hair || Taper Cut || Men's Hairstyles

I was going to make an appointment to have it cut when I saw your tutorial. I decided to try it and if I messed up then I could still make an appointment to fix it. You inspired me to cut my own hair! Because I wanted layers I followed this tutorial: Googled how to cut my own hair, up popped your tutorial, out came the scissors and the floor mop on top of my head has disappeared!!

Great tutorial, thank you so so much! I love my new hair: I have very straight, fine hair that I just successfully cut for the first time.

youtube how to cut your own hair short

Cut are gorgeous and very helpful with this DIY haircut post. The hair you are sporting in your current avatar pic is The Best. I find short styles easier to cut myself. Sometimes I get lazy and wait too long, but ultimately, cutting a short style myself is easier care than my long hair was. I have super-thick, wavy hair, and washing it is a pain.

So yours the short, it gets shampooed more often and dries faster. Seriously, I love not short about my hair in general, particularly what some stylist did to it.

Thanks so much for posting this! I have fine own hair also thick with body that I like to keep right above shoulder length in a messy bob. I was due since post baby hair loss has left me when stupid looking hair!! I followed your instructions and loved it!!! My friends were shocked that I did it myself!! My comment is basically going to be the same how the one above it. Two kids, another on the way, two years since the last cut, and a ton of unexpected expenses in the past two months. Thank goodness for this tutorial, and curly forgiving hair: How do you manage to cut the V in the back?

Would it work if you brushed all your hair forward over your head do you think?

How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

My before and after lengths are very similar to your pictures. Thank you for a lovely tutorial! This was so easy. Took me five minutes.

youtube how to cut your own hair short

Plus, I have no money. It looks great too, though I was not aiming for perfection. Learn to give a fade in just 4 minutes! Steps for this video: If you are looking to get really good at cutting your own hair, and would like to save some money, this tutorial may be for you. Check out the Wahl Clippers I use these days: This is the camera I shoot my videos on: I am not that experienced with cutting my own hair, but im tired of paying for haircuts so yolo.

Im probably doing a lot of stuff improperly, but this is just the way i cut my hair. Hope u liked it!

How to Cut Your Own Hair?

Subscribe for some more videos like this! D Robert Lopez P. O Box Rialto, CA ALPHA15 case sensitive http: Modern Tailor Link For Discount: In this video professional male image expert, Aaron Marino, teaches you how to cut your own hair. Learn how to cut and trim your hair so that you can keep it looking good in-between trips to the salon and hair stylist.