What is your definition of traditional family values

what is your definition of traditional family values
I can remember standing defiantly in front of my dad with my arms across my chest and my jaw clenched tight, I must have been about ten. Let me give you a little of my personal history.

I began apologizing to my siblings and accepting their apologies without the intervention of my parents. I learned how to control my temper, and how to avoid fighting all together, from my most important teachers, my father and mother, in the school of traditional family values. I had much less trouble with other traditional values, such as the need to always tell the truth and to respect the property of others.

what is your definition of traditional family values

I was told never to lie and never to steal. I rarely did, since the truth of these values seemed to me to be self-evident. It seems as clear to me today as it did when I was younger that stealing and lying are simply wrong. I believe that these and other traditional values are written on the human heart. They were certainly inscribed on my heart. There were other traditional family values that my parents taught me.

From my mother I learned love, empathy, and kindness towards others. From my father I have learned humility, selflessness, and self-control. In closing, I would say a word to those of you who did not grow up in a traditional family.

Family values

Perhaps you had to learn the importance of traditional family values the hard way, by trial and error. Perhaps you learned the importance of marriage only because your parents divorced. Or perhaps you learned the preciousness of human life because someone close to you passed away or had an abortion.

At the same time, you understand that such values are fundamental to the good life, and must be integral parts of our character, however we came by them. I believe that this is so because there are some values, chiefly those that are laid down in the Ten Commandments, which are also written on the human heart.

Every person has multiple opportunities to be part of a traditional family. There is the family you were born into, the family that you form upon marriage, and the families that your children form when they marry.

what is your definition of traditional family values

I hope that you will get that chance. I was blessed by being born into a traditional family open to life.

What Is Meant By Traditional Family Values?

I would love for you to experience the blessings of belonging to such a family as well, and the traditional values that such families embody.

However, know that there is not one right way to come up with your list.

Meaning of “family values” in the English Dictionary

Start by calling a family meeting and getting input from each family member. Know that it may take several meeting sessions to get all the thoughts down. However, in the end, you'll have a list that truly reflects your family.

what is your definition of traditional family values

The following tips should help you develop a list that you and your families can stand by:. There are many what resources for creating family values and many different methods for doing so. Defining Family Values takes a bit of a different approach, advocating for writing down and prioritizing valued activities and then keeping track of the time spent on each of them. The idea is to determine if your traditional is actually being spent on your priorities.

Although every family's list of values will be different, the definition is an example of a family values list:. Your family's list should be unique to your family. If you are a spiritual family, your list should be more spiritual. If you are an informal, fun-loving family, your list should reflect that.

If part of your family's greatest moments involve random dancing in yours pajamas, then 'random pajama dancing' or 'general goof-ballery' may be a part of your list. Anything that is important for the health and well-being of your family should be a part of your family's value list, no matter the activity or the language used to describe it. Types of Values Although every family's list of values will be different, there are different categories of values that tend to be similar.

what is your definition of traditional family values

Social Values Social Values consist of things like peace, justice, freedom, equality, and bettering our community. Examples of social values include: American values often include: In the United States, the banner of "family values" has been used "to fight abortion, gay rights, and major feminist objectives" [5]. Interpretations of Islamic teachings and Arab culture are common for the majority of Saudis ; Islam is a driving cultural force that means a submission to the will of God ; a Muslim is a follower or one who obeys the will of God.

what is your definition of traditional family values

Furthermore, marriage is considered the only legitimate outlet for sexual desiresand sex outside marriage is considered a crime that is punished under Islamic law. The Saudi family includes extended families, as the extended family provides the individual with a sense of identity.

The father is often the breadwinner and protector of the family, whereas the mother is often the homemaker and the primary caretaker of the children.

family values

Until recently, because families and friends are expected to provide elderly care, the concept of the " nursing home " was considered culturally unacceptable.

Nontraditional families make up the majority of American households. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We don't want to stress you out. Celebrating ten years of Word of the Day.

Definition of 'family values'

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