How to shrink your liver before gastric sleeve surgery

how to shrink your liver before gastric sleeve surgery
Babydoll I have my surgery on the 30th of December, and I been on liquid since 8 p. Good luck all with your new life journey!

As you gain weight and fat, the size of your liver increases.

how to shrink your liver before gastric sleeve surgery

The purpose of a liver shrinking diet, also known as a pre-operative gastric bypass diet, is to reduce the size of your liver through weight-loss. Doing so makes your procedure easier to perform, reducing the risks associated with your surgery. If your doctor feels your liver is too large after following a pre-operative diet, he will most likely postpone the surgery until your liver has shrunk to a healthier size, according to WlsHelp.

Your surgeon determines the amount of weight you need to lose prior to your gastric bypass surgery. He bases his decision on your overall health and current weight. While you might need to lose 10 or 20 lbs. In week one you are limited to clear liquids only. And it is tough.

how to shrink your liver before gastric sleeve surgery

However, most patients have very little desire to eat. The hunger hormone ghrelin is almost non-existent after surgery. During week two you may start to feel some hunger pains.

Did not follow liquid diet 2 weeks before weight loss surgery

Your diet may include all items from week 1 plus:. Week three after gastric sleeve surgery is tough. But the good news is that you can start adding some real food into your diet, albeit pureed. Food may taste differently and will be tolerated differently than they were before surgery. You may find that dairy is harder to digest. See Carb Counters Cheat Sheet.

how to shrink your liver before gastric sleeve surgery

In order to stay within the diet parameters, you will need to keep track of your food intake. We suggest you start a food journal — This can be as simple as a spiral note pad. You just need to be able to track your carbohydrate, fiber, protein and calorie intake. This will help to keep you well within the diet limits for carbs and protein intake. No breading, no fish sticks, no batter — plain only, please.

how to shrink your liver before gastric sleeve surgery

You may use low-fat or reduced fat milk or sugar-free soy milk to mix protein drinks read labels milk is high in carbs. Condiments and Oils and Fats — You may add up to 2 Tbsp.

Pre-op and post-op diets for weight loss surgery patients

The best choices for fat in your diet are called mono-unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acid. Examples of good fats include olive and canola oils, oily fish, walnuts, almonds, peanut butter, avocado, and olives. An extra benefit is that these foods taste good.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Preoperative Diet Guidelines

Fatty meats, Fried foods, Whole milk products regular cheese, regular yogurt and ice cream includedHigh calorie beverages including regular soda, coffee drinks, sweet tea and alcoholic beverages. Watch out for things that you would normally not consider food!

Chewing gum no-cal gum is finebreath mints, cough syrup, hard candy, and cough drops nearly all have sugar. Getting through the first week. Pre- Operative Liver Shrinking Diet. Location of liver in the body. This fatty liver enlarges it and makes it heavier — which we can see below is disadvantageous to weight loss surgery. You may purchase these in any health food store or many grocery stores.

Pre- Operative Liver Shrinking Diet

Please be sure it contains at least 20 grams of protein per serving. Sugar should be half the grams or less than protein- if you have 20 grams of protein, it should have less than 10 grams of sugar.

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Weight loss soup recipe: Raw or cooked vegetables ok to add one TBSP olive oil or butter spray to veggies and 4 oz. Salad with Protein chicken, fish, egg, etc. You may also add 1 TBSP chia seeds to your shakes or take psyllium husk to help you stay satisfied throughout the day. The purpose of this diet is to help shrink your liver prior to surgery by depleting stored glycogen.

We hope that this information on the gastric sleeve surgery preoperative diet proves useful to you. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time.