How to make mobile website redirect

how to make mobile website redirect
Is there someone that can help me find someone to take over my website that is written in code? The annotations in this example would be as follows. It's worth noting that if you accessed a page at example.

Say we have a normal website that we need to redirect to a mobile version if viewed from a mobile device.

how to make mobile website redirect

The above code will now redirect the main site to a mobile version if viewed from a mobile. Some other use cases to redirect are given below. We can load or modify existing content based on the users device profile. For example we could load a different CSS for a mobile or a tablet.

how to make mobile website redirect

Note that mobile detection is a moving platform, and as new devices are introduced you will need to update the library with new versions. Also, as the library relies on HTTP headers to sniff the device signature, it could sometimes give incorrect results if the headers are tampered with.

Very beautiful explanation of mobile detection and redirection!!! The one you posted, blog. I still need to test on an iPhone though. Is the newer one you posted better? Den 3 9. This should be the answer. John 2, 1 22 There are other hacks you can do to look at the devices user agent too.

Separate URLs

Manatok 3, 3 14 Have a look at this: The jQuery one sets the variable jQuery. Can you be a little more descriptive with how you solved it. I am a novice at best and am searching for an easy solution. So you would place the above code simply at the top of your webpage. But in my setup is is slightly different. Once the user is on the mobile sub domain I have used jquery. Then be redirected to the desktop domain. Has anyone figured out a blackberry solution? I was using the following script but not sure what models this works on this was for a mobile site I built so long ago it was in tables!!

I ask because, at this time, Facebook tabs pages inside a facebook page will not resolve on mobile devices.

how to make mobile website redirect

Each Facebook tab has a unique url. I would like instead for the mobile user to be redirected out of facebook to a clone-ish page that would display. Anyone have any experience with this? I tried this code in the head of my Genesis theme. The mobile page worked when tested in the browser. What would the screen width be for a tablet device? I would like to redirect users from the desktop version to tablet. You will need to use the javascript as mentioned in the make mobile box here.

This javascript will need to be added to the webpage: You will need tp create another index. You are confusing yourself here. The media resolution quiries are so that your visitors do not get re-directed to your mobile sub domain.

What these do is the stylesheet is simply included for the smaller screens. This method is not needed if you are re-directing your visitors to the mobile domain where you have another index page with just your mobile css file attached. Elegant solution using Javascript! Thanks, the javaScript it works well, interesting concept checking for screen width, just a little worried that it might have to be updated in the near future as these mobile redirects get better resolutions.

I am also a little worried about this. So far I think there is only one htc to be worried about. The way I was thinking of approaching how is if the device has a website resolution screen then treat it as such like a large screen device and show the desktop version of the site. Ideally responsive designs would take care of this issue but unfortunalty now all builds can use this. Has anyone tried this code on. I have been trying to find a script, without using.

how to make mobile website redirect

I have tried this make on my master file however it is not working. I use it and just meet what I want. A user comes from Google to my site: How I can switch the mobile version to redirect full website.? But i have this code on my index page.

You dont have to use separate user agent matches. Not sure that testing for resolution is accurate enough… I found this native JS not reliant on jQuery code to be pretty bullet-proof:. As far as Ive tested this it work marvelously on android and apple devices. Which devices do they target? This code worked great for me, but is there a way to adapt it to allow for redirect website to full site from mobile site? You can set Safari Browser to view mobile sites and this redirect just does not work. It does not work! Very useful and still very relevant.

No device limitations and most should be able to handle the JS requirement just fine — thank you. Then How yield a solution.

how to make mobile website redirect

Ahhhh perfect, Thank you very much!!!! This just flat out does not work! I put the mobile. Tried a couple of mobile emulators and still no redirect! Do you have to have some kind of.

how to make mobile website redirect

Could someone tell me why this is not working 4 me? My index file http: I have javascript enabled in all browsers. Am I doing something wrong? How to set a cookie then? Not well versed in code. No one commented on how to adapt the code to redirect to an alternate CSS page. This is one of the best mobile redirect scripts I found that works well. My old script stopped working rescently for some reason.

how to make mobile website redirect

Not all wordpress sites look good on a mobile phone. Where would I put the suggested code. Actually i have software site. Try it on a very old phone: What if I want to restrict people from being able to visit the mobile site from a desktop browser? Here is a plugin solution for wordpress — http: This way when a visitor clicks a link… they are sent to the correct mobile version and not just the home page.

How to detect and redirect to a mobile site in PHP

Thank you for this simple html code! I suppose I have to add and edit this script for all my website pages. Also, I was wondering is there a seo problem because I have two sites: Is this script resolves the problem of duplicate contents for google robot???

Detecting and Redirecting Mobile Users

Is it safe to use it. Let some of us users have the option to view the desktop version?

How to redirect your website to its mobile version

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How to Redirect Website to a Mobile Version when Accessed on a Mobile Device

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how to make mobile website redirect

I find it very useful also. Permalink to comment September 22, Permalink to comment July 15, Permalink to comment January 17, Permalink to comment June 1, What if mobile phone can not use JavaScript? Permalink to comment March 24, Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have the same concern. Permalink to comment May 12, Permalink to comment May 24, Permalink to comment October 27, Permalink to comment June 3, But and devices that do not work with how Furthermore, please note some of the common mistakes in this configuration:.

When a website is configured to serve desktop and mobile browsers using different URLs, webmasters may want to automatically redirect users to the URL that best serves them. If your website uses automatic redirection, be sure to treat all Googlebots just like any other user-agent and redirect them appropriately. Usually, the redirection is done based on the user-agent in the HTTP make headers.

For this purpose, it does not matter if the server redirects with an HTTP or a status code, but use of is recommended whenever possible. If you choose to use this technique, mobile be aware of the latency caused by the client side of redirection due to the redirect to first download the page, then parse and execute the JavaScript before triggering the redirect. There are many approaches to implementing a JavaScript-based redirect. For example, you can use JavaScript to execute the media queries your website already uses in the link annotations on the page using the matchMedia JavaScript function.

Different websites implement different redirection policies.