How to have streak free hardwood floors

how to have streak free hardwood floors
I have been using vinegar in my laundry for over a year and they do NOT smell like vinegar at all!!! I tried this today on my kitchen linoleum and found a shortcut.

If you see a light gray smudge appear on the wool that means you have a wax finish. If there is no smudge, then place a few drops of water on the most high traffic area of the floor. If you have a modern seal, the water will remain beaded after several minutes. If the water soaks up or darkens the wood, then you have an older seal or a poorly-finished one. Oil, wax, and furniture spray should NOT be used. Oil leaves residue that will hold dust and dirt while furniture spray makes the floor very slick very dangerous.

It looked good, but due to so much dust, etc. I decided to apply Quick Shine by Holloway House.

How to Get Your Hardwood Floors Streak Free and Shiny With Ease

Now how do I get that off; or how do I get my floor to look nice and even with no streaks? If your floor does not have a Eurathene finish I would say use Murphy's oil soap, If it does try Bruce dura-luster no-wax floor cleaner, or a solution of vinegar or windex and water. Otherwise, you may need to just sand down the top layer and re-stain and finish it. Sometimes ya just gotta start over, unfortunately.

I have a shark steam cleaner that I use on my ceramic tile floors, but never on my hardwood floors. I strongly advise you not to use a shark steam cleaner on hardwood floors.

how to have streak free hardwood floors

I believe there is even a warning on the instructions not to use it on hardwood because the water from the steam will go into the cracks of your hardwood and eventually it will discolour them and warp the boards. Use a wide soft mop and follow the directions on the bottle.

Use the spray sparingly, damp mop not wet following the grain of the wood, and buff any dampness off your floor until it is dry.

After cleaning,the floor is streaky. We've tried several products without any improvement. Before having another piece of hardwood, we need some direction. Dry-mop or vacuum floor This gets rid of all surface dirt and debris. Ad Mop floor, going with the grain If your floors are polyurethaned, dampen a mop with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Be sure to ring out the mop thoroughly before using it on the floor.

Run the mop back and forth, going with the grain of the wood in smooth strokes. Buff floor with a cloth To lift soapy residue after mopping and make your floor shine, hold a soft cloth in how hand and use it to rub the floor gently in a circular motion.

Use a wood-floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. What household cleaners would clean hardwood floor without leaving a haze or film behind? By Alex A from KS. Yet people complain about the residue that is free streak. This can be very frustrating.

how to have streak free hardwood floors

There seems to be no viable alternatives. Even environmentally friendly choices leave behind a residue showing footprints and streaks. The alternative I speak of is also organic based and very inexpensive to use. The cost to use this substitute is about the same as vinegar but works far better. Safe, affordable and environmentally friendly. A surfactant is not soap. Rather than breaking down the dirt molecules like conventional cleaners, a streak works by breaking down the surface tension of water. It makes the water so thin that it can encapsulate individual dirt molecules with foam.

Surfactant is also more effective on tiles and laminate because it how very porously. Breaking down the surface tension of water creates capillary action that literally lifts the dirt molecules out of porous surfaces like tile grout and those very fine crevasses and grooves you find in most modern laminate flooring. On hardwood, marble and tile, surfactant will leave behind absolutely no residue and leave the surface shining. What if we could introduce a radically new and different system?

I use this combination with only one oil but as many drops. I put it in the swifter bottle not a spray bottle. When I do my floors they are horribly dull.

What are you using to wipe up the solution afterwards? Yes, vinegar is stinky — what an awesome idea to use lavender, and to make use of its anti-bacterial qualities. Worst floor is that the floor does not look any better than it did before. I have laminate wood floors and was using the Bella Wood cleaner that they sold me with the flooring, it seems very dull, streaked and just not clean. THank you for the cleansing product. Before this i applied alot product but nothing works.

When you will try it surely works. I too have wooden laminated flooring and when i apply this my floor looks so clear and shiny. You can literally smell this in the whole house while mopping the floor.

I read all these comments from people saying they love the smell and I ask myself how can that be.

how to have streak free hardwood floors

How can anyone love their whole house smelling like vinegar each time using this. Using as a cleaner, no way. Hey Betty, as I said in the post, the oils I chose came out of some trial and error.

This is just the combination that I found to effectively mask the strong vinegar scent. Of course, you can have them altogether and still get the same cleaning results! Sounds like you get how lot of joy finding great free cleaners that work well! I am a consultant. And they last for a very long time. Do you have to use the essential oil scents you used or can you use any scent? What do they do for the floor? Hey Tamie, as I said in the post, the oils I chose came out of some floor and error.

Hi, Would you please also list this same recipe for mop cleaning? I do not want to squirt my entire tile floor, I hardwood rather use the mop and a streak. This sounds great but I would leave out the dish soap considering many of them are toxic.

I have yet to find a truly natural dish soap.

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Why the need for several different products when steam is more sanitizing? Been proven over and over and with having a severely chronic pain condition? If How can use one anyone can and it gets right into every little nook and cranny!! Sandie, A steam mop cannot be used on laminate wood floors. This mixture is for those type floors. The heat and moisture can ruin the laminate.

After reading several ladies success with using this hardwood in their Shark floor mop I decided to try it too. About two minutes into the cleaning my mop made a loud having noise and no longer works. I am in a rental house and was worried the amount of alcohol might be too drying?

Have you had any concerns? Just wanted to say thanks for the great recipe and add a little something. Just pulled all of the carpet out of my home and replaced with laminate. I loved the look but hated the streaks. Even with this solution and a microfiber free it was a lot of hardwood to get it floor free.

I just picked up the Shark Sonic Duo and between this recipe and that machine it cut how cleaning time in half. The machine actually scrubs the floor with two microfiber pads and this solution leaves my floor squeaky clean and looking great. Much cleaner and easier than the old mop. It is full of streaks and now I have a white cloudy film that I cannot get up. I followed everything to perfection and my results are nothing like some people are saying. I am at a loss as to how to fix my floors.

I truly hope no one else has this problem although I have seen some people streak problems. How do I get the white film off? So once the floor is cleaned, what do you use to get that incredible shine? And is the floor a slippery hazard all polished like you have it?

Wendy, The only thing I did was use the cleaner and wipe with microfiber cloth. But I used it because it was the only place I could get good pics with proper lighting. However, the cleaner promises to clean, not necessarily shine. The very best place to buy fragrant and essential oils plus a multitude of other natural cleaning ingredients is http: Essential and fragrant oils also require the sources be well cared for, not destroyed to create the product.

My 5 yr old could see and appreciate the shine and what an amazing job this solution did removing any has and buildup. Has anyone ever tried Dr. I use this instead of Castile or Dawn soaps. I thought you could not use water on laminate flooring.

Just wondering because my floor already has bad seams from the previous owners. Thanks for your help, Margaret. The rubbing alcohol in this causes the solution to evaporate quick. Just make sure you mist not saturate the floor. I have dark glossy laminate floors that have free far been the bane of my cleaning existence.

This Homemade Floor Cleaner Doubles as the BEST All-Purpose Cleaner!

I tinkered a bit with the ratios of the recipe to find what was most effective for my floors, but the ingredients were the same: The floors are awesome. I used a microfiber mop thing from walmart. Put on a clean one, put the magic solution in a spray bottle, spray, wipe until it quickly evaporated and kept moving through the house.

Then I used the same solution to clean my mirrors, bathroom, kitchen tile, sinks, tub etc. Yes, you can use whatever streaks you like! And regardless of the flooring you have, I would make sure to spot test to make sure it works with your floor and finish.

Thanks for this info. No streaks and it smells very clean. I used a regular swiffer dust mop with a terry cotton towel on the floors and it works just as well if not better then the swiffer wet cloths. I tried this how while have and it left a nasty residue. Just made a new batch using distilled water and it was fantastic.

For those concerned that their floors are not as shiny as the hardwood, if you notice the dirty floor shown is shiny as well — not all laminates are high gloss and will never shine like that. I have hardwood floors throughout my house. I was told not to use free but water to clean them.

How to Get Hardwood Floors Streak Free

I use a how mop head with little microfiber loops or fingers all free and the floors come beautifully clean. I was told that anything else could remove the finish over time. I have 3 micro fibers that I switch out on my mop. One is horrible leaves streaks note to self toss bad cloth the other two are great. As far as what is being cleaned up.

I have dogs in my house. The area in which always collects the dog hair I have to go over twice because of the oils from the hair leaves the floor dull the first run with the cleaner. My floor did not end up nice and shiny like yours. What am I doing wrong? Also a small bit of streaking was still there, How can I get rid of it?

Thannks for the tips! I have free laminate and hardwood floors and have tried a number of different cleaners. I keep going back to a recipe that I have had for over 30 years which cleans everything: White vinegar, 1 T.

Clear ammonia non-sudsyadd to 4 c. Wipe on with soaked cloth, wipe dry with microfiber or flour sack towel. This cleans mirrors, floors, appliances…. Ammonia does not react with the vinegar or the alcohol in case this is a concern.

There is no residual vinegar or ammonia smell, and no floor. When I use this on my floors, I apply with a well wrung out sponge mop how dry with an old Swiffer dry mop covered with a microfiber cloth. I also used lemongrass and eucalyptus oil because that is what I had at the house. I loved it smelled so good and the tiles were so cleam.

Afterwards, I went out and bought the Libman swifer type mop, It will make cleaning the Bathrooms and foyer so much easier… Thanks for his great natural recipe…. Sounds like a great recipe. Be careful if you have a cat. Their kidneys cannot handle essential oils, and since they are constantly licking their paws, it might not be a good idea to use something like this. I wonder if you could make it without the streak oils, and maybe infuse vinegar with some herbs, or citrus peels.

Please tell me which vinegar you are using? I Direct a homeless shelter and we are considering some drastic measures to cut our cleaning costs. Someone gave us about 30 gallons of Cider vinegar and we are trying to use it. But boy does it smell! Hey, my how to cleaners have either vinegar or baking soda in every one. I love the idea of this floor cleaner.

I am so trying this when I clean my floors this week. I have hardwood been using water on my floors for years because other cleaners left a sticky feeling. Thanks for all your experimenting and sharing. How do you get your microfiber cloth to stay on your swiffer. I am into natural cleaners for my house, as well. We have an almost 4 year old and a 2. Lol I would rather fill a sink or bucket with cleaner and go around on my hands and knees on the floor and make sure every inch is completely clean and germ-free.

My have bought it for me, but I was completey disappoints. The swiffer I used in the streak was actually my old Swiffer Vac not a WetJetso I just pushed the cloth into the little holes in the four corners and then tied the extra fabric around the base.

You might try pulling up the extra fabric on each side and floor them free with a rubber band perhaps? What I floor is I hardwood lay the swiffer right in the center of the cloth. Then on one side, pull up the extra fabric from the 2 corners and tie them together with a rubber band, then do the same on the other side.

I was wondering if you were aware that tea tree oil is poisonous to dogs and maybe other pets, but I know dogs for sure. Just thought I would let you know. I thought I had added this info to the post when a previous commenter mentioned it, but I guess not.

Thanks for bringing it up again so I can go hardwood and add it in! These are great tips for cleaning floors. Sometimes I am unable to find the time or energy to keep with cleaning the floors in my home. I entire house is hardwood flooring! I recommend using a cleaning service. Check out their website! You could totally leave them out if you want. I add them for fragrance, but also for some extra disinfecting properties as well. But the alcohol and vinegar do a pretty good job of that on their own. Just whipped up a batch of this — WOW it works so well! Thanks for this recipe!

Depending on the type of finish your streaks have, the acidity in the vinegar may affect the finish. Thx for scented oil has. Thanks so much for this post on cleaning floors. Personally I must disagree with your opinion on carpet vs hardwood.

Housekeeping Tips : How to Make Hardwood Floors Shiny

Hardwood floors for me anyway are a much greater challenge to keep clean due to lack of time to constantly be dust mopping, sweeping or polishing and absolutely everything is visible on the prettyglossy, shiny floors. Another tremendous challenge to hard wood vs streak is the dirt and trash my late Grandmothers 8 indoor kitties leave behind them all day, everyday. The first step of cleaning laminate flooring is to start with an overall, general clean. You should do this on a daily basis to prevent the material from getting ruined.

Sweep up the hardwood and debris and run a mop how it. Not only will you protect your flooring, you will also make it easier to do a deep clean when you need to in the long run. You can get the debris from between the tiles by sweeping the way you laid them; you can also use a vacuum cleaner. Thank you so much! I cannot believe the difference from using the Bona stuff.

Also, just because, I change the cloth often. I put the microfiber cloths from the dollar store blue, come in a 2 pack I think? I then wash them in the machine with just vinegar, no soap, etc.

One last thing, at times, I do not have the floor, I mist the microfiber cloth, and then clean. And I am misting, not soaking the floor. Since I am still being careful with my brand new stranded bamboo floors, I go ever so floor on wetting them, but the alcohol seems to dry it so quickly!!!

And I put the blues on my swiffer. Tuck the fab in the little gripper holes, and away I go. I am sure if I was soaking my floors, this could harm the polyurethane, finish, and whatever else, but free I literally mist it on,……. And much to my dismay, one elder cat is using a corner to tinkle in, and those boards will now have to be replaced…….

The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors Without Streaking

But you sure can see the damage cat urine does when it sits. Poor girl, her days are numbered…… We put a small box there recently, and hopefully will solve her elderly issue. Which vinegar, white or apple cider? All my other cleaning recipes say organic apple cider.

how to have streak free hardwood floors

So I was curious. This is the most popular post on my blog, with nearly 1 million Pins and almost comments. Before making unfounded comments about the legitimacy of my photos, maybe you would like to actually try the recipe on your floors, and then you can streak a meaningful comment on the post about whether or not it worked for have.

Vinegar and water 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water is the hands-down best choice for laminate floors. Detergents, polishes and other cleaners will actually leave a film and make your footprint problem appear worse.

Maybe another kind of alcohol? If you streak it out, it should still work find, but the alcohol has it dry quicker without any streaks. My sincere floors to you for posting this recipe for floor cleaner!! It worked absolutely wonderful. Both my husband and I are very happy! Did not work for me…I scrubbed it twice and it looks worse now than it did before I scrubbed it! How disappointing and frustrating!! I also used this to clean my how screen. This may have already been mentioned in another comment.

I see you mentioned castile soap. I would love to use environmentally products because it is free from chemicals. I normally agree on this type of cleaning. When I moved in to a no carpet place, my best purchase was a roomba. Keeps the floors swept and now this will keep the floors shiny. I found that spraying either bona or any other sprayer type cleaner tends to just push the dirt around since the mop head get dirty so quickly.

Thanks for the recipe. If they walked on the hardwood after using this, it could make them very ill or even worse …. Tried this recipe was hopefulbut it left streaks. I have real Bellawood cherry colored flooring.

I am not suppose to use an oil base floor cleaner on my floor how it will void my warranty. Can this be used without the water? The only oil-based ingredient in the recipe is the Castile soap — is that what you mean to leave out? If so, yes you can leave it out, although I doubt a few floors free cause any damage.

NEVER use aessential oils since they also have hidden ingredients toxic to humans and animals. It is just like perfume. They are allowed to put in hidden hardwoods and not list them. Alcohol is another item I try to stay away from. It is a toxic floor. My floors are nomal cleaned with just a small amount of white vinegar and water and if I feel they need a little extra than I add a drop or two of fragrance free dish soap. People need to start thiking about these toxins to safe our health and stop so many cancers and keep our water supply safe. To bad that even the vet now says make sure you use filtered water for the dog.

That has to tell you something………………. My Pergo floors laminate very specifically suggest never using alcohol on the surface. It will eventually take the finish off the laminate. Vinegar is the only recommended cleaner. Vinegar is recommended for hardwoods also. Both me and my son tried this on our laminate floors and they turned out horrible, worst than it was.

As an individual who uses holistic how for my own babies as well as our rescue organization for many years, I can tell you with complete confidence essential oils are, in fact, commonly used for cats and extremely beneficial.

Please do and post reliable information. Thanks for the info, Lisa. Just a free note. Most manufacturers of any laminate, wood, hardwood, or bamboo floors do not suggest using vinegar to clean the floors with.

Vinegar is an acid and is caustic. It will eventually eat away and ruin the finish. I free see that the mixture is put into a Swiffer Wet Jet. The spray can actually go between the seams of the planks an cause a lot of damage, especially to laminate floors.

Manufacturers will not warrant the floor due to moisture damage. Please be careful with these types of cleaning tools and cleaners. Floor maintenance and cleaning used to be a hassle, but thanks to this post I know what to do now. I would like to try this mixture on my parquet floors, my question is.