How to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc
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Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in North Carolina

If the motorcycle's inspection certification has expiredthe seller must FIRST have the bike inspected before transferring the title and registration over—see our guide to Vehicle Inspections for more. If your motorcycle is leasedyou may need additional paperwork on top of what is listed above.

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

Here is a breakdown of the most common fees associated with motorcycle registration in North Carolina. Complete this form to disclose the number of miles on a vehicle you are transferring ownership of in North Carolina.

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

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Motorcycle Registration in North Carolina

Louis - Duluth St. New North Carolina Residents Once you've established North Carolina residency, you'll have 30 days to title and register your motorcycle. To register your out-of-state motorcycle with the NC DMV, find your nearest branch office and submit the following: Make sure to declare any liens on the bike. If your motorcycle has more than one owner: Each signature on the title will need to be notarized. Proof of North Carolina motorcycle insurance. PLUS Applicable taxes and county fees. Registering Your NC Motorcycle Requirements for motorcycle registration vary depending on whether your motorcycle was: For a simplified registration renewal, you can use an independent agency for an additional fee.

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

See below for more details. Recent advancements in the industry have led to a much easier experience for renewing your auto registration. Although it's now possible to renew your registration online via your local DMV, you may prefer the convenience and service provided by our approved partner for a modest fee. North Carolina drivers can apply for special and personalized plates onlineby mailor in person. These plates get renewed along with your vehicle registration, and may be replaced for a small fee. If you should sell your vehicleyou may transfer your plates to another vehicle you own.

North Carolina provides a variety of special license plates, which you may also personalize for an additional fee.

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

You may ONLY order your special plates online or by mail IF your vehicle is currently titled and registered in the state. NC new car registration applicants will need to have their cars inspected after obtaining a driver's license or ID card and gathering the other required documents outlined above.

Though new residents are initially exempt from the car registration inspection process, most other applicants must obtain a vehicle safety and emissions inspection no more than 90 days prior to the registration date. Obtain car registry inspections at one of 7, certified inspection centers, who report the results directly to the DMV electronically. Then follow these instructions based on how you purchased your vehicle:.

To get car registration in NC on a used car, follow the same steps outlined above depending on whether you bought the car from a dealer or an individual. Note that North Carolina registration of vehicle rules state that cars 35 years or older do not require a safety inspection, and diesel vehicles or model vehicles and older can skip the emissions testing.

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

If you want to get car registration documents for a vehicle that is owned by more than one person, you must present a copy of the alternate owner's driver's license or ID card and a power of attorney. All signatures must be notarized to verify that the alternate owner is aware of and approves the registration.

If you are a new resident getting car registration on your currently owned vehicles, but they have a title held by a lienholder, submit your current out-of-state registration card, Form MVR-1, Title Application and your odometer reading if the car is less than 10 years old.

Both standard and special registration plates can be personalized. The additional Cashmoney orderpersonal checks [? Special registration plate fees vary depending on the style of plate you choose. This additional fee is charged at the time of purchase and at each annual registration renewal.

Get the Plate

Personalized and special registration plate fees are additional and are not included in standard vehicle registration fees. Personalized plate orders are sent to a vendor for manufacturing. Once the DMV receives the plate from the manufacturer, it is mailed to the individual along with a new registration card and validation stickers to the address listed on their registration record.

This process takes approximately weeks.

Plate Search, Personalize, & Order

Personalization is not available for commercial license plates. However, some commercial vehicles may be issued a standard North Carolina First in Flight plate which can be personalized. Your personalized text may consist of any combination of letters, numbers or special characters. If you are ordering by mail and your first choice text is disallowed, the next choice of text is evaluated. If all choices are disallowed, the application will be denied and you will be notified by mail.

how to get a motorcycle license plate in nc

You may reapply with other choices at any time. The amount of characters spaces allowed depends on the type of North Carolina license plate you choose:.

Personalized special plate requests must contain at least one letter. You can use numbers and some special characters, including the question mark? Get creative and use symbols or numbers where letters would take up too much space. Some special characters occupy one-half space in width. Half-space characters are allowed on motorcycle license plates. Most Military and Civic Clubs special plates can only be obtained if you can verify that you are a member of that specific group, club or have obtained a specific recognition.

Additional fees may apply. Just download the personalized plate application form below. Complete the form and send it with the fee to:.