How to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time
Here's how it works: Report paz - Jun 11, at We have a peer to peer network in our workplace connected to one ISP.

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how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

I have a laptop, can I use Wifi and cable Ethernet networking at same time? I'm on a laptop. Jacob 41 1 1 2. Since it's been clarified that you can do this you just can't access the Internet through both the wired and wireless networks at the same timeare you having trouble setting this up? Tim 5 NO you can't use them at the same time. And am connected to a Wifi network and an Ethernet cable network at the same right now on my Ubuntu system.

My question how can they be set to use the DSL for high speed and also be setup to use the T1 when need be. Both internet connections are on the same network. I can connect to my schools Intranet from same, and we have to enter our school user name and password, this is what my teachers told me. But when i try to connect to the intranet, it won't let my, is there something on my computer blocking it?

You'll connect to check with your school. There are so many different ways that they could have set this up, there's no way to say for desktop what could be going wrong. This article would be a start: I have computers connected to server through a network switch and a router. I have our own software system installed on server and accessed via the network. I time have Internet connection through the same router, that's not a problem.

But when I reset the router the internal network also stops. I want to split my network, so if I reset or stop router, it doesn't effect the internal network. I am using Windows server as application server. I currently have them networked just fine using a wireless hub, but I wanted to know how I could connect the two without the hub, say if I was at a different location. Of course all of this is wirelessly.

how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

I have been able to join other ad hoc networks, but I can't seem to be able to create one We have several PC's.

For some random reasons, they access the internet via different ISP's. Group 1 goes via DSL and group 2 goes via a cable modem. Group 1 goes through one router and group 2 desktop another. Any suggestions how guidance would be much appreciated!! I have a laptop with wireless and LAN card i'm connecting to a network at home using wireless and LAN at work through the domain and now i must connect to a same LAN network how do i do that without changing my office LAN settings can i map a 2nd connection to my LAN?

In answer to the wireless and wired connection. Disable the wireless connection on the laptop in the network properties and wire the laptop to the desktop directly with the nic cards. Then in the network connection properties sheet on the desktop, select the two network connections and "bridge" them. That creates a wired subnet to the laptop and keeps it connected to the main network.

The laptop can then be disconnected from the wired connection and connected around by just re-enabling the wireless connection in the network and when needed. I am from india i have an doubt about the networking. I use cable and have a linksys router.

However, my kids are in high school and the oldest just started college and now have laptop computers with wireless capabilities, that they want to use around the house. Can I hook up a wireless router to the router I currently have so that we have both wireless and the hardwired connection? I have wireless connection through a router at home which enables my laptop to function adequately. At work I have a phone line and I want to use my wireless laptop there. To connect at work self-employed do I need a second router and how would I connect this to the phone line if it is a different number to my home so that my laptop has access to the internet?

Hi I have read the comments and questions. I would like to know how to hook up two regular pc's in my home on one server which is dial up. I know some people have done it with a router. I understand about laptops and wireless connections but neither of these computers are time. Can it be done?

How to Wifi And Ethernet At the Same Time

If so what do I have to buy? While for convenience I use the laptop in wireless mode, there are areas in the home distant enough from the router that wireless connections are poor or non-existent, and I would like to connect the same laptop through the wired ethernet connections in those areas. I've cannot make that work.

Can it be done and if so, how? I'd need a lot more specific information Are you certain that the network you're plugging into is, in fact, connected? I have DSL Wireless router in my home. I also have about 8 machines hooked up to it.

how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

One with a cable sits next to the router and the rest wirelessly. In my basement I work with different machines all the time. I would like to add a second router in my basement but to be used as an extension of the one upstairs one, and use the hardwire 4 Ethernet ports in it to connect these desktops to my network. Everybody is in the same network, just need physical drops downstairs for these desktops What you really want is a Wireless Access Point You can do it with a wireless router, but it's difficult to configure things such that the machines on both routers will see each other, and you could have problems accessing the internet due to double-NATing.

One machine is connected through this network via VPN to a corporate network. The other machines are on a home network. Is there any way for the machine connected to the VPN to be able to access the Home network simultaneously?

Tried to use the home networking wizard, but got the error that "This computer is already connected to a Network" on the VPN-connected machine. If I could do this, are there any security risks to the corporate network? Like Carlos, I would like to connect two wireless routers Netgears to each other.

How To Combine Two Wi-Fi Internet Connections

Can anyone forward me a reference on how to configure this difficult proposition? Hi I have a laptop with wireless card.

I am directly connect it.

how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

And my friend has wireless network which is adsl kb. I want to connect it in the same time. I can see and connect it but I can't use two network in the same time.

Can I connect to two networks at once?

For example my own cable connection speed is 25kbps and my friend's wireless connection speed is 50kbps. If I can use both in the same time my speed will increase to 75kbps.

How to connect to wifi

How can I do this? I am trying to connect my laptop to my router at home.

how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

The desktop is working fine but when I try to connect the laptop it is not coming on. What am I doing wrong? Okay, I have a wired LAN Setup all the other And on the What settings would i need to have on the PC's? Hi, I have read through the articles, but cannot seem to find a solution to my question, albeit similar to some of those posed.

I have a hard wired network with address range I also have a Wireless network with I want to "see" all the machines on both networks, so I have accepted the DHCP settings allocated by both routers and can surf the internet from either connection. What I want to do is view all PCs on the network both address rangesbut I can only see one IP address range at a time and only when I disconnect either the Ethernet or the Wifi connection. Both sites have internet connection. I want to connect the two sites to exchange information through the server how share files on the server what is the best way.

I've never done it that way, so I can't help you there. Hi I have essentially the same problem as one of the comments here trying to have one computer connected to two desktop networks. The first network is an existing corporate network for connect and point of sale terminals etc, this is not under my control. The second is a small network, which is under my control, and uses a Netgear DGGT same broadband router to connect a handfull of machines to the internet each other and a local printer. The two networks are currently completely independant of each other.

However How now need to connect one of the same machines to broadband, time that it can send some stock data over the internet. So I have installed a second network card on this machine and connected it to teh netgear router. The result is that I have to disable one network to use the other.

Now I understand this is due to IP conflicts, but what is the best way to resolve this? Can't find your answer? Sure, your PCs will show a high connect speed, but you try downloading a large file simultaneously on all of them at once and see what happens to the download speed!

I know of no method to connect wireless and Ethernet cable simultaneously, it's either one or the desktop Area45 Jul 29,8: MyPhoneX Jul 21, ZeusGamer Oct 26,9: I know that this has been a long time, but it is possible to connect through ethernet and wifi at the same time Just not sure if this has any advantage over time, and I'm not seeing any problems whatsoever.

Oh, and by the way, I've got Windows 8. Painten Dec 9,2: Fyrflii Feb 17,5: Sorry to join the conversation so late in the game, but I'm having a sort of similar problem. I'm trying to use my ethernet connection for primary online access, but I also need wireless access to utilize my wifi printer. I've followed the steps above, and I show both connections are now active on my Windows 7 computer, but I am still unable to access the printer unless I disable my ethernet connection entirely. Select the wired connection, then edit its properties. Select Use the following IP address and type in a static address.

how to connect desktop and laptop to internet at same time

This is probably assigned to you by an administrator. Leave the Default gateway blank. A subnet mask that will usually work is Well same problem with me and only thing was that WiFi had same local IP to connect! I mean they were: LAN cable conected router IP: So i guess Win7 got confused every time you are connected simultaneously to both networks no matter what priority you give to them in advanced settings!

Meaning, windows can make now the difference betweek the 2 networks, which is not possible only by name difference! By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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