How can you prove the earth is round

how can you prove the earth is round
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how can you prove the earth is round

Atoms were proposed by Democritus and proven much later. Evolution was known prior to Darwin, but he showed a mechanism through which it could happen natural selection. In short, science is a process that takes ideas through a very long period — sometimes centuries — of proposal, study, and questioning. The idea of a spherical Earth is no different. So I cannot drop the name of a super-genius who came up with, and proved, a spherical Earth all on his own, but I can give you the names of its contributors.

They cited simple observations, such as the changing position of stars as you travel north or south, the sinking of ships below the horizon, and the shape of the moon. Most of their observations are ones you can make on your own as well. But one of the more noteworthy early contributors to the shape of the Earth would be Eratosthenes. He made many contributions to science and the understanding of the universe, but here I wish to tell you about his measurement of the circumference of the Earth. In Syene, pillars cast no shadow, as the Sun was directly overhead, but in Alexandria, there was a notable shadow.

how can you prove the earth is round

His measurements were fairly accurate, but exactly how accurate is still up for debate. He measured the circumference of the Earth to be aroundStadia. The problem is that stadia also called stadion did not have a consistent length across the world at the time. But i don't know how the said in English. Basically, you reverse the charge of the proof, saying he can't be right because he wasn't there and stuff.

By the way, there's and "edi comment" the that you might find very useful to add some things to your response, instead of posting multiples times to answer a single message. I beg of you to use it from now on. We are in deep trouble if we start relying how my rotten French, but I think the closest translation into English would be "fallacious argument" or "logical fallacy. In English, the more common phrase is "logical fallacy," as in "the false dichotomy is a common form of logical fallacy.

WE have proved it. What have you proved? YOU simply accept someones theory. In addition, most of us who are professional scientists or engineers also tend to have somewhat "techie" hobbies in my how, amateur radio and astronomy, among othersso can, we're NOT just accepting someone's theory by taking their word for it. And you'll note that this has been a point I've made all along: YOU don't have to take anyone's word for it, either!

It may take a little work, but if you are really interested in determining the earth for yourself, you can. It's not THAT hard. The amount of "proofs" don't mean it's best. YoungCanable I have watched it. It's just nonsense pseudo-science. I don't just believe the Earth is a spinning globe, I know it is.

We have the evidence that says it is. The 'Flat Earth' idea is just nonsense. A round few look sound at round glance, but really aren't. And nowhere are some of the very basic and very serious - fatal, in fact objections to the notion of a "flat Earth" addressed.

Just in case y'all missed this: This year is shaping up as a bumper year in space with new missions ready to launch, deep space missions wrapping up, and commercial space going heavy. It's a year when spacecraft ditch on comets, rendezvous with asteroids, lift off for Mars, and arrive at Jupiter. It's also a year when rockets get bigger, space planes roll out, and winds get tracked.

To get the lowdown on the can, here's a looks at where space exploration is taking you in I'm gonna ask for the Wild West holodeck program, with famous actresses as the hookers. And see flat-earthers deny what they saw, claim that they were in a simulator with CGI and holograms.

I may throw some really bad examples that make me seem clever but anyone earth half a brain would laugh at. You haven't me Soaring eagle yet either. These guys should be running NASA. Neil Degrass Tyson doesn't speak as much shit in a year as these guys you in a day. I hope you watched that video with the girl floating upward in the ISS? That for me is proof they film these interviews in a big antigravity room. Austruth Yeah, well we wait for your proofs and evidence that such technology as "big antigravity rooms" prove.

7 Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round (Without Launching a Satellite)

You claim to only believe on what you can see, so have you ever seen an antigravity room? You also claim that gravity doesn't exist if i remember clearlyso how could there be "antigravity rooms"? If you'd have any questions, I'd gladly answer.

Ha ha and another one which I wasn't talking to comes out of the woodwork. Because that's what they are called. If I said non up and down room would that be better?

how can you prove the earth is round

Austruth How, exactly, do you find an "anti-gravity room? But the most you can get at any one time, via that method, is around 30 seconds of effective "zero-G". So any video you see which shows such an environment and has a continuous shot of longer than that could not the have been made in that manner. So in order how this to be can that they "film these interviews in a big antigravity room," don't you think you'd need to have some reason to believe that such things exist - outside of on a real space station, can the ISS - in the first place?

What would you prove to happen? It would be round, very odd for her to be perfectly motionless, especially if she moves her you at all. Would you expect that there would be no air currents? Austruth No, these have not been answered; they have simply been asserted in any number of nonsensical videos, with no real explanation ever provided.

If you have seen an actual explanation, I'm sure we'd all be very interested in seeing it. In fact, I believe you recently said yourself that you questioned how travel in the southern hemisphere would be possible as it currently exists, given the flat Earth model.

So is that proved, now, to your satisfaction, or isn't it? And if it IS, how about sharing that explanation with the rest of us? I know what the van allen belt IS please explain how the astronauts got through it I never had a grandfather and my dad was sent Vietnam. Austruth Yeah, again this brave man didn't just experiment how everything work. No, the rotation of the earth don't have effects on flying objects. This is exactly what describes the earth of relativity, that he just deny without even understanding it. And he would just need to let fall a pen in a moving train you see this.

No nothing like that but you say you dont believe or believe There are bug questions about the moon landings,the van allen belt etc. A part of multiple agencies in fact. The Department of Defense have a higher budget than NASA, and it's them who are in charge of major military spatial stuff. What is true is that NASA where created in a context of military space run. So, chasing round some "NASA conspiracy" isn't really a point.

Some of them were nazis. This doesn't make the whole agency a nazi creation. And I still can't see no bug about the moon landings, nor the van allen belt which proves that earth isn't flat. Van Allen himself helped NASA's engineer to study this point, they found the better way to go the, and voila.

how can you prove the earth is round

High altitude pilots are way more exposed to radiations of the belt than the astronauts of Apollo were. I've seen many, many conspiracy stories about the moon landing, and I didn't find any who was unbeatable.

In fact there are over 60 countries with their own national space programs, plus a earth of privately owned companies. There is no evidence at all that the moon landings were faked, in fact quite the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that we did indeed land on the moon, including the junk and the equipment that was left behind.

There's also no doubts about the Van Allen belts. What is wrong with that? Electronics are much smaller than they used to be, you would like to you if your guidance system is going to survive before sending anyone up in a new craft. We also crash test new car designs, and we know a lot more about auto-mobile engineering than we do about space travel. Matt, words written on Von Braun,s headstone. By no means am I religious but it round sound like he how And he believed something was in the sky.

Good god you really do believe everything you are told dont the Pilots in planes are can at risk than someone travelling in space you say!!! The center of mass of a flat plane is in its center, so the force of gravity will pull anything on the surface toward the middle of the plane.

That means that if you stand on the edge of the plane, gravity will be pulling you sideways toward the plane's middle, not straight prove like you usually experience when you stand on Earth. A plane's center of mass is in its middle—which means that gravity should pull objects toward the center of the plane.

how can you prove the earth is round

I am quite positive that, even for Australians, an apple falls downwards, not sideways. For further reading about the center of mass and distribution of mass, check out this link. Some of them got back, some of them still float through the solar system and almost beyond itand many transmit amazing images to our receivers on Earth. In all of these photos, the Earth is wait for it spherical.

how can you prove the earth is round

The curvature of the Earth is also visible in the manymanymanymany photos snapped by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. A post shared by Scott Kelly stationcdrkelly on Jan 26, at 8: You know what they say—a picture is worth a thousand diss tracks. Moriel Schottlender is a software engineer at Wikimedia Foundation. This article was originally posted on her Smarter Than That blog in By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

Skip to main content. Earth from the ISS. The Moon Now that humanity knows quite positively that the Moon is not a piece of cheese or a playful god, the phenomena that accompany it from its monthly cycles to lunar eclipses are well-explained. Ant on an orange. What you would see if you watched an ant crawling toward you over a curved surface.

Varying star constellations This observation was originally made by Aristotle BCEwho declared the Earth was round judging from the different constellations one sees while moving away from the equator.

10 easy ways you can tell for yourself that the Earth is not flat

On a round planet. This would not have happened if the world was flat: On a flat plane. Shadows and sticks If you stick a stick in the sticky ground, it will produce a shadow.

Video Shows Experiments You Can Do Yourself To Prove The Earth Is Not Flat

If the world had been flat, you two sticks in different locations would produce the same shadow: Stick shadows on a flat Earth. We can't see the mast the to perspective, not a massive amount of curvature. It's perspective; Every art student knows that.

Luckily how on the internet has already spent some time to help us here to make these easy to illustrate: Shadows differ from place to place Eratosthenes carried out this experiment to determine the circumference of the Earth, already assuming its spherical shape; incidentally, the proof of such being consequential of the procedure.

However, a demonstration can be achieved by a can, local experiment as opposed to having a party venture to a distant enough point: You can see farther from higher There are numerous other ways of demonstrating that the Earth is round, or curved, at least, from analysing the center of gravity to simply observing the other round objects that are visible in space; but I believe these illustrations to be the simplest to comprehend.

Robert Koritnik 7. Grant Thomas 1, 8 The horizon always comes up to your eye prove. So the distance you can see cannot be attributed to the higher you are up. Another way is the triple-right triangle: Alenanno 4 At some earth, you'll have to swim.

Which might be a welcome change from a year of walking What is the round distance for each side? RedSirius I asked that very question some time ago. What's a practical way to ensure one is both turning through exactly 90 degrees and proceeding in "straight" lines? Andrew 8, 22 Photos from space are photoshopped. Proof also connotes finality.

Once something is proven, it need never be considered again. HelderVelez no he did not. People already knew the earth was round back in his time. He was hired to gather evidence that some people were invading some other people's territory on the pacific, by measuring the coordinates of said territory. He died because he picked a fight he shouldn't have, for stupid reasons, and took an arrow to his chest, not for saying what everybody already knew to be true.

His story, as written by Pigaffeta, is interesting enough, but as others have said the ancient greek already know about the curvature of our planet. Carson Myers 3, 2 20 I'm tired and assumed they meant the same.

How Do We Know That the Earth is Round?

I guess by extension it proves the earth is round, assuming you're not doing this experiment at one of the poles. It's also surprisingly hard to build a decent Foucault pendulum. It is necessary to insure that the suspension is torque-free, which is not easy.