What year did the draft end for vietnam

what year did the draft end for vietnam
Vocations to the ministry and the rabbinate soared, because divinity students were exempt from the draft [ citation needed ]. The most famous was Eugene Debs , head of the Socialist Party of America , who ran for president in from his Atlanta prison cell. Instead, the Gates Commission was formed, headed by Thomas S.

what year did the draft end for vietnam

Is there anywhere to see statistics regarding male population in the US during that time, their age, and the number drafted or enlisted? What percentage of "Vietnam era" men today would have served?

what year did the draft end for vietnam

We were scaling back in '71 and '72, so someone who was just 18 in '71 may have juuuuuust missed the cutoff. Because he was too young.

The draft was hel d on December 1, for the calendar year and included those born between January 1,and December 31, The draft in the Viet Nam era was a lottery, with low numbers being called first. Young men registered with Selective Service as they do today and were given draft cards with their number on it. High number, less likely to be drafted. Also, when protesting the war, many young men burned their draft cards.

How I Got Out of the Vietnam Draft — And Why That Still Matters

There were did and exemptions, for example, Married, with children. Much was what of Dick Cheney fortuitiously marrying prior to being drafted, and again, with the birth of his first child. Another option was to draft in the National Guard a la former president Bush. As the song said, Nineteen was the average age of a soldier in Viet Nam. According to The Veteran's Hour9. With a total of 3. There was a draft lottery started in late The draft ended in and was replaced with the end all-volunteer for.

If your friend Just turned 59 then presumably he was born in and he would have been subject to the draft when he turned 18 in And as to how likely it was for someone to be drafted the that depended on a lot of factors; the year in question, whether they were married or had kids, whether they were doing something else for the war effort, etc. My own father was of eligible age, but for most of the war he was granted an exemption from the draft because he was designing subs with a military contractor. Then they dropped that exemption in '69, and he came up with another reason to be exempted and that reason for exemption happens to be typing this comment right now - yep, I was a year dodge baby.

A few friends of mine got exempted because they pretended to be gay.

what year did the draft end for vietnam

Other friends took shitloads of drugs before they went to their physicals so that they could seem mentally ill. One of my cousins starved himself down to lbs or whatever the weight cutoff was. He was 6 ft. Another factor was the local draft board, made up of "upstanding" local citizens who had their own prejudices and biases.

I don't know why I was under the mistaken impression that most would have served, instead of really just the opposite.

what year did the draft end for vietnam

If you look at this wiki articleit says that they didn't draft men as they turned 18, but drafted then from the year they turned So on average, half of the draftees were 19, and half were Since the last draft lottery that happened was for the people born inhe was one year shy. The draft policy to draft slightly older men was probably done for two reasons: The two sets of 25 envelopes were furnished to the Selective Service System.

Vietnam War Draft

On June 2, an official picked two envelopes, thus one calendar and one raw permutation. The birthdates for were written down, placed in capsules, and put in a drum in the order dictated by the selected calendar. Similarly, the numbers from 1 to were written down and placed into capsules in the order dictated by the raw permutation. On July 1, the drawing date, one drum was rotated for an hour and the other for a half-hour its rotating mechanism failed.

what year did the draft end for vietnam

The first date and number drawn were September 16 andso all men born September 16,were assigned draft number The 11th draws were the date July 9 and the number 1, so men born July 9 were assigned draft number 1 and drafted first. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Vietnam leads to the death of the draft and the rise of the professional soldier

The Draft Lottery". Journal of Statistics Education 5.

Conscription in the United States

Archived from the original on October 6, With roughly 4 million Americans each year reaching draft age, supply far exceeds demand, he said. The Army, for example, only takes in about 50, soldiers each year, which means few would ever see boot camp let alone generate a cultural reconnection with the military. Now, however, the debate is essentially settled over the all-volunteer force with no serious consideration given to a return to conscription.

Yet the all-volunteer service comes with a cost, both in terms of dollars — a year soldier costs considerably more than a two year draftee — and the physical toll on those who deploy again and again. Having said all of that, it is a remarkable, remarkable force. Omer, right, at the Selective Service Headquarters during the nationwide draft lottery.

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what year did the draft end for vietnam

For help, contact Paul Thomas, Interactive Media team. I hardly noticed the draft-related events of the next few years: In the draft ended, in President Ford offered conditional amnesty to the draft dodgers — 40 years ago today — and in the war ended.

But by then the draft had already done great damage to the U. I've heard many stories of soldiers who didn't like what they were forced to do.

what year did the draft end for vietnam

During my college years, at first I joined in a few antiwar marches. But I found political arguments frustrating, so after a while I put them aside; I left the world in the hands of people who claimed to know what they were doing. I grew into a middle-class life, with spouse, house, two kids, and a tenured mathematics professorship at a prestigious university.

what year did the draft end for vietnam

I didn't think about political ideas again for decades. Then, ina number of changes in my life gave me time to think, and I woke up.

Draft lottery (1969)

I realized the world was a mess, and taking care of it is the responsibility of all of us; it seems to me that the people in whose hands I'd left it did not know what they were doing. Since then I've been marching for many causes, and reading and writing about politics. Among other things, I've formed much stronger opinions about war and the draft.

It turned out that the Vietnam War never really ended — it changed its name and location, but as far as I can see, the questionable justifications have not changed. I think we need politicians who will try harder to make diplomacy work.