How to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5
Press Home Screen Settings. Posted via the Android Central App.

They are the kings of trolling patents.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

They have already gotten in enough legal battles Are they just asking for more? I have used My Magazine about a month, and after being forwarded to Flipboard a few times, installed Flipboard, and use it instead, like the customization much better. My Magazine seems like a diluted Flipboard and will turn it completely off. My magazine has been successfully removed: Is there any chance to use empty page, that's been left behind? I like to have few of them, to disperse my icons Thank you in advance: I think it's a ok alternative but not enough for me to dislike it, then again I'm always trying new different things so I like the option that it's there.

Thank you for this. I just got my S5 today and My Magazine seems pretty useless to me. I would much rather have a left swipe to a fresh screen for something a bit more useful like my N7 Player widget.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

My Magazine is ok, but lets not get crazy and think its anything close to blinkfeed! Thanks for the tips!! Soon enough you'll be able to get it on your other devices.

Article on it http: Google Play link https: Everyone I know, who just got the S5 has disabled it. I know this is completly off topic Ended up getting note 3what im very happy with. What I want to know is anyone whos had a note 3 then chsnged to a s5? How do they compare? Im not intrested in fingerprint scanner or heartbeat senser, just not my kind of thing. The Note 3 is still better only that the S5's camera is more solid and maybe the revamped TW.

How to Disable the “My Magazine” feature in Samsung Galaxy S5

Other than that the Note 3 rocks. Im happy with the note 3 camera: Great phone havent seen one to match my need any better than this.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

Iv also converted several iphone user to the note lol Posted via Android Central App. I am glad you showed me this because I just got a transfer to the cellphone department in my store. It will be great information to pass on to my co workers. Although I understand manufacturers putting skins on Android, I really hare the touchwiz implementation. I think it really ruins the Android experience for some people and discourages then from using it again, which means they'll probably switch to iPhones. If also manufacturers had a similar skin I mean no added S apps or stupid additions that vanilla Android doesn't have then the experience would be more consistent throughout the ecosystem.

How do I do this on my note 3?

How to disable My Magazine on Samsung Galaxy S5

Just tried to turn it off this way and after Uninstaller updates the "turn off" button was grayed out. Even though you have a replacement launcher MyMagazine can be running in the background.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

This method frees up some ram, as and most important battery life. I disabled it 2 mins after I tried it on my gs5 and went back to flip board magazine. Posted via Android Central App. You can have my magazine disabled on the Note 3. Since I already had the Flipboard app, I had it disabled.

Have you tried the app greenify? And the tab pro 8.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

I started a page on Facebook to let them know how many people want this turned off on their devices. That's the first thing I'll do when I get my S5, turn off that obnoxious laggy my magazine and hope for HTC to release blinkfeed for the other phones.

How to turn off or disable My Magazine on the Galaxy S5

Only time to wait now. Is there any way to select an app to swipe to? I like how the sideswipe to magazine is gone but it would be super useful if we were able to select something to replace it. Nice job providing a clear and detailed procedure for disabling My Magazine on the S5. More important to me, since I'm evaluating the pros and cons of the S5 vs. Earlier tonight, I watched a review of the S5 by one of my favorite tech reviewers, in which he stated that it couldn't be disabled, so I had put that item on my Con list for the S5.

With your help, I can now disregard it.

Как отключить My Magazine на Galaxy S5?

I watched it while walking my dog tonight, so I might have been distracted. If you think I misunderstood his comment, please let me know, and I'll go back and listen to it again. He does a great job, and I didn't mean it as a criticism.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

I figure he might have just missed the ability to disable the feature. From any home screen page tap and hold the soft key to the left of the home button.

Press Home Screen Settings. Was just about to say this. Can also long press on any home screen page to bring up the home screen settings option. This guy went all over the world to turn off this feature. Doesn't this just hide it though? Doesn't actually stop it from running? Like many pre-installed apps. Press and hold your finger on an empty space 3. Unmark the "My Magazine" option to get rid of its updates on the home screen.

To remove the Flipboard from your home screen all that you'll need to do is to simply go to an empty box press down as if you were going to add a widget there now push Home Screen Settings. There you'll have an option to turn off Flipboard. Now when you swipe to the right it'll no.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

Also you can turn off all notifications for the app so that you no longer have to deal with the app if you don't want to. This does not permanently remove. That is going to bring up 'My Magazine', which we simply uncheck that box.

How to turn off My Magazine on the Samsung Galaxy S5

When we swipe to the right, it no longer brings up 'My Magazine'. If you would like to further get into it and completely remove the 'my magazine' option from your system. Alternatively, you can simply swipe down from the top and tap on 'settings' which is the same function. You will go down to 'apps', which is pretty far down the 'application manager' list.

Swipe to the 'all' applications list and find 'My Magazine'. Tap on 'My Magazine' and we can turn it off.

Turn off 'My Magazine', so it appears to be off. Navigate to your 'Home' screen by pressing the 'Home' button. From the Home screen, swipe through pages until you come to an empty screen. Once there, touch and hold any empty area of the screen. When the menu opens, tap on 'Home screen settings'. You can also remove My Magazine, so it won't show anywhere on your phone. To remove My Magazine from your Galaxy S5, follow these steps: Press the 'Home' key on your phone to return to the Home screen.

From the Home Screen, tap on the Apps icon. From the application list, locate 'Settings' and tap it. From Settings, swipe to the Applications menu. Under the 'Applications' menu, tap the Application Manager. From the Application Manager, tap on the 'All' tab. Tap the 'My Magazine' icon to open its application information page.

how to remove my magazine from samsung galaxy s5

On the information page for My Magazine, tap 'Turn off'.