What teams are playing sunday night football tonight

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight
Retrieved December 31, When the first game runs long I get it, but at least 4 times this season you have switched coverage to a different game that was ending and pre-empted the scheduled game.

Kickoff, TV times, streaming, Color Rush Football is back forand you can find all the details you need for Thursday's action right here by R. Add a Comment Add a Comment.

Show Comments Hide Comments. NFL, Players Coalition working to meet No date or location is finalized, but the league is eager to continue dialogue.

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight

Watson burns Thomas, then vice versa It didn't take long for the Seahawks safety to take his revenge after allowing an early Texans Colts 18 46 Seahawks. Chiefs 42 34 Texans.

Thursday Night Football schedule 2017: Kickoff, TV times, streaming, Color Rush

Giants 23 10 Broncos. Falcons 07 23 Patriots. The game that has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday night during flex weeks will be listed at 8: The majority of games on Sundays will be listed at 1: ET during flex weeks except for games played in Pacific or Mountain Time zones which will be listed at 4: No impact on Thursday, Saturday or Monday night games. The announcement will come no later than 12 days prior to the game. Sign up now to receive Sports Illustrated's best content, special offers and much more.

You may unsubscribe from email communication at anytime. Thank you for signing up! Please check your inbox to confirm your email address and start receiving newsletters. By Jeremy Woo September 08, The year kicks off with the Giants-Cowboys rivalry in Dallas. See the full schedule below. Sunday Night Football Schedule Week 1: Giants at Cowboys Sept. Packers at Falcons Sept. Raiders at Redskins Sept.

Colts at Seahawks Oct. Chiefs at Texans Oct. Giants at Broncos Oct.

NFL Sunday Night Football Schedule 2017

Stop showing teams with losing records on tv like the nfc east. Show the champions carolina Panthers. I am SO frustrated at this. Instead of a crucial matchup between playoff contenders with good-sized fan bases, I might addwe get a total mismatch between a lousy Browns team and a really good Bengals team that usually does poorly in TV ratings. Not to mention, Eagles-Patriots the 4: At least half of the people in Los Angeles are Raider fans.

So how come we dont get the game nov 22 raiders vs lions on local tv. Who do i complain to as if it would do any good. So on a day when the Raiders and Chargers both play, L. I might be mistaken, though.

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So a team thats played here only 1 year chargers in has more pull than the Raiders? Again, who do i complain to?

Fine, but there are 3 games that the nfl chooses to play. Why cant the other 2 be the Raiders and the rams? I recall each year at the mid season point CBS and Fox have 5 games they can keep and not get flexed out. Sorry for the delayed response. I imagine posts the coverage maps closer to the week — so Thursday or Friday.

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight

This site is excellent. A question… Where is a link where I can find out which game my market will show next week. The Ravens play at night. Cbs start at pm eastern.

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight

I think it has with programming a 7pm eastern. Are the NFL games broadcasting on regular channels. All the Sunday games are on over-the-air TV. I really liked having the Saturday afternoon game late in the season last year. How come are NFL did away with that?

Years ago, there used to always be a Saturday afternoon game the last 2 weeks of the season. I thought the NFL would bring this what. How come it stopped? There are quite a lot of Raven sundays in Virginia. Why are the Cleveland Browns being shown in Richmond on the opening day. NFL Ratings Week 8: NFL Ratings Week 7: Featured CFB Week 8: Saturday, December 23 Special 4: Sunday, December 31 Early DH 1: Leave a Reply Cancel team Your email address will not be published. Mike on October 22, 7: What are the percentages that are shown below?: Sunday, October 15 Single 1: Paulsen on October 22, 2: The percent of TV markets tonight the game.

Mike on October 24, 2: Drew on October 15, 1: Paulsen on October 15, 2: Rae Ann Siler on September 17, 8: I am in the hospital and this app helps me playing and watch my games night ever I am at. Vickie S on September 21, 4: Paulsen on September 21, 5: Mike T on September 11, 8: Steelers Fan on August 26, 2: NaBUru38 on September 8, 4: Dennis Gray on August 19, 1: Rodrell on August 13, 3: Paulsen on August 14, 2: Marilyn Lillie on August 13, 9: Bill on August 17, 9: You are very right Reply.

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight

Bob on August 18, 7: Jake Wood on September 20, Darryl on August 12, 5: Marilyn Lillie on August 14, 7: Kate on August 12, 3: Paulsen on August 12, 5: Hines on September 16, 9: Linda on August 10, 9: Dawn Sheepherders on August 10, 7: Need schedule for football season Reply. Paulsen on August 10, 7: Phillip Gibson on August 6, Paulsen on August 6, 1: Phillip on August 6, 1: Paulsen on August 6, 7: Brian on July 31, 1: Carl Winston on July 29, 7: Bert Simpkins on July 21, 9: JA on June 24, 4: Paulsen on June 24, 5: Yikes, thanks for catching that.

Matthew on May 24, 1: Paulsen on May 24, 2: Broehm on May 18, 3: William on May 8, Rachel Forsyth-Tuerck on May 5, 9: Paulsen on May 5, 2: Not this early — that info usually does not come out until the week of the game.

2017-18 NFL TV Schedule on NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN and NFL Network

Kevin on May 27, 4: Broehm on April 26, 8: Karen McElveen on April 26, Bamboozaul on April 21, This season will be off the chain. Paulsen on April 21, 2: I would imagine TNT would have the primetime games, if there are any. Is the NFL schedule coming out tonight?

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight

Paulsen on April 20, 1: Shirley on April 17, 1: Paulsen on April 17, 2: Paulsen on April 11, 9: Dana Anderson on January 14, 9: What is wrong with the picture? The jumping is driving me nuts!

Lynda Christy on January 8, 3: Why do they have wild card games? Nathaniel Ward on January 7, David W Mays on January 14, 3: TJ on January 1, 6: Angela Stokes on January 7, Tami on January 1, Never mind,i get it monday night football,Sunday night football etc. What does SNF mean? Jovahn Hamilton on January 7, 9: Sunday night football Reply. Paulsen on January 1, Steven on December 28, Paulsen on December 29, Jack on December 31, Will the Falcons game be shown in Panama City fla on comcast Reply. Harry on December 28, 7: Paulsen on December 28, 1: Justin Ashburn on December 27, 6: Paulsen on December 27, 6: Next games are January 1.

Melissa on December 27, I live in central Florida Reply.

what teams are playing sunday night football tonight

No idea yet, should know tomorrow or Thursday. Candy Haynes on December 29, 5: Paulsen on December 30, 2: Aron on December 26, 1: Paulsen on December 26, 1: Don on December 25, 5: