What is the best contrast ratio for led tv

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv
With all the hoopla about higher resolutions , and even more realistic color, contrast ratio is still king. So far, we made all of our test patterns without the help of a test pattern generator.

As such, contrast ratios are even less important unless you're be watching the set in a perfectly dark environment like a dedicated home theater. There are a couple of technologies that can make a big difference on an LCD set's actual perceived contrast.

Sets with local dimming LED backlights can actually dim a portion of the backlight to correspond to dark areas of the image. For instance, if you were showing an image of a freshly-plowed field of soil on a sunny day, the LED backlight behind the bottom of the screen could darken to increase the difference between it and the bright sky.

Contrast ratio

These sets tend to be more expensive. In addition, LED backlights frequently offer better real-world contrast performance than the CCFL backlights in older and less expensive sets. Finally, although it's not a technology issue per se, higher quality sets typically have better panels that do a better job of blocking light when they're showing dark colors.

They also have better contrast. One practical way to test a TV's real-world contrast ratio is to look at a good photograph of a zebra or some other extremely contrasty image that has a roughly equal mix of light and dark areas. TV's with good real-world contrast performance will show you details in both the dark areas and in the light areas. If you can see the grain of the zebra's hair in both colors of stripes, the TV has excellent real-world contrast. Just remember that some of those settings will have other consequences for picture quality.

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What Is a Good Contrast Ratio on an LCD Television?

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what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

Vizio M Series Overall Frequency Response Distortion. Deals Side By Side. Updated Feb 25, By Rob Cote. Brightness difference between white and black. This is the main component of picture quality. Always, but especially when watching dark scenes. We added the 'Contrast with local dimming' value to show the effect of local dimming on the contrast ratio.

Mega Contrast Ratio is just a marketing term that began to be used a few years ago when they started advertising a dynamic contrast ratio of 1, It does not refer to a particular technology. It was used by a few companies just to make their contrast ratio look cool.

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

It is about that same time that the stated contrast ratio was becoming useless because of all the false claims. Aug 23, Report Error. I decided to buy that same model but your review shows that the lg la has poor blacks, poor input lag. So my question is why would a rich company like Microsoft choose a tv that you rated barely a 7 to show off the graphics of their next gen games.

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

I am confused, please answer. By the way, this is the best website for detailed tv reviews that i have visited, bookmarked. For a setting like a convention, their choice of TV makes sense.

The LA has a very wide viewing angle for an LED, which is useful when a lot of people are watching the TV and taking pictures not directly in front of it. The low contrast is not an issue because the room isn't very dark, so you do not notice the poor blacks. The input lag is one of the best we tested so far. If you game all by yourself in a dark room though, you will be better off with a Samsung.


Aug 26, Report Error. What is the best TV to led to see dark scenes in a movie? Change the Gamma setting on your TV. This will brings up the details in the dark shadows.

Jan 19, Report Error. I wonder about VA. If contrast ratio on VA is higher than on IPS, is it possible to say that VA panels have less luminescence of other colors blue, red etc.

All colors are affected not just white and blacks. If you look what at a TV screen, you won't actually see any white pixels. Instead, each pixel is subdivided into 3 colors red, blue and green. Basically, manufacturer's normal contrast ratio is worthless and the "Dynamic Contrast" ratio is doubly so. Then I test the black and white on an ANSI checkerboard pattern that shows both the white and black squares side by side on the same screen. The two must be tested simultaneously with no adjustments in between.

Even when testing in our facility, if wanted to inflate my contrast figures all I have to do is turn the picture or contrast setting on the TV all the way to max contrast.

Then I can turn the brightness setting all for way down to test black and all the way up to test white. If I'm testing an LCD I can further juice the contrast ratio by decreasing the backlight to 0 for black testing and max it out for white testing. All of these techniques are employable but irrelevant to the end user.

Sadly, few review sites measure contrast ratio, and those that do don't have the between them. There is no set standard for reviewers on how to measure contrast ratio either, so numbers are going to be extremely different.

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

I may measure 20, And then what do you measure? This certainly gets a decent view of the overall contrast ratio, but isn't terribly relevant with actual video which is never totally dark or totally white. Also, what about a TV where the dynamic circuitry can't be disabled?

That's not a valid measurement, when compared to those that can. Or how about displays that actively limit the total current draw all plasmas.

What is TV contrast ratio?

With these, a full white field will be significantly darker than what's possible on smaller areas of the screen. ANSI contrast ratio is a good addition.

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

This is where eight-each white and black boxes in a checkerboard pattern are measured and averaged. This gives a good idea of what a display is doing, and is far more relevant to compare to actual video.

Even this, though, is problematic, as the brightness of the white boxes can affect the measurement of the black boxes. Done right, it is also exceedingly time consuming.

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

Spending that much time on one measurement that most people will overlook is not an effective use of time. I hate to say it, but there is no good answer. Yep, 1, words to get to that conclusion. The best we can hope for is reasonably accurate measurements from sites like CNET to give a general idea of what's going on, and the knowledge from the rest of this article and others like it to extrapolate what the performance will be in your home.

what is the best contrast ratio for led tv

Like nearly all TV buying guides say: It's all in what you want to do with the TV. If you're a movie buff and you watch TV in a dark room or at night, the added contrast of plasma will be very cinematic. Somewhere in between is an LED LCD with some kind of local or zone dimming, offering better intra-scene contrast ratio than a "normal" LCD, but still offering that technology's extreme light output. No matter what, when you get your TV home, it's vital you set it up correctlyas the settings out of the box won't show the full potential of the TV.