How to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5
Although buying a window regulator cable repair kit is the best option, buyers can still make use of bicycle cables, since they are identical to most regulator cables. If you cannot provide this info, please let me know and I will have to work it out when I get dismantling.

This rating is the number that is written on top of the fuse or stated in the fuse box cover.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

Check for loose connections or wires around the fuse box. Tighten them and check to see if the windows work. A little electrical contact spray can also help. If the fuses are not blown then a deeper investigation is needed.

The door panel will need to be removed.

Mazda Mx5 Mk2: I have a Mk2 and need to replace the window

The next step is to remove the moisture barrier liner by slowly peeling it off and placing it in a safe place. Once this is done, visually inspect the plastic guides, connections, wiring and components for any sign of damage or if any of them are not secure. Using a digital volt meter, test the connection that is going to the motor for current. Motors with two wires are analogue systems and are safe to test.

Replacing Mazda Window Regulators

However, motors with more than two wires are called digital systems and a professional diagnosis is recommended.

Use the back probing method to test if power is flowing through the connector leading to the motor when the window switch is pressed remember to reconnect the window switch when testing. Back probe testing involves inserting the probes leads into the motor side of the connector as shown in the image below. Avoid piercing any wires or front probing the connector as this could lead to further problems. When checking the wires you are looking for a reading of either volts or 12 volts. If the reading shows full current and the motor is not running it means that the motor is at fault.

A lower reading means that sufficient current is not reaching the motor and that the problem is further up the circuit. Using the drop testing voltage method you can test for any differences in volts at either side of the connector i.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

Once the power window regulator is out, one needs to detach a roller or wheel fixed on the motor using a screwdriver. Fitting of the replacement cable to the wheel takes place prior to mounting the roller back onto the motor. One must ring the inner cable twice on the roller to ensure sufficient length. It is necessary to mark two points at which cables fit properly. The first marking should identify the exact length when the tensioner is free and the other when it is not. This applies to lower and upper cables.

The outer cable does not require such an elaborate process.

Miata Window Regulator Replacement (manual & power windows)

It must simply run from the motor to the top or bottom of the regulator line, leaving a little room for free play. Once the measurements are out of the way, removal of cables allows tying of the free ends.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

The marked points play a crucial role in determining accuracy at this stage. When tied, any excess cables appearing on the loops require cutting, and the cable re-attached to the roller once more. When done properly, the tension occurring on the cable should allow all components to fit properly.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

It is necessary to add some grease to the regulator channel to promote smooth movement. Prior to mounting the regulator into the door, one can easily test the new cable by connecting the motor and control switch to power. If the cable tension is accurate, the regulator should move smoothly at the touch of the control switch.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

With regular maintenance, the power window regulator should reliably function without major disruptions. I think I missed out an important bit of information, mine is an electrical motor driven mechanism, not a manual window winder. The first diagram is the same for both manual or power. The manual window regulator is in a separate box diagram inside the main diagram. The only difference is that you have a electric motor instead of the crank. The other two diagrams just show how to remove the manual crank handle is you have that option. If you cannot provide this info, please let me know and I will have to work it out when I get dismantling.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

Experts are full of valuable knowledge and are ready to help with any question. Credentials confirmed by a Fortune verification firm. You want to re-install the stops in the exact same location to avoid having to make window realignment adjustments later.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

Temporarily re-install the window winder and roll the window down so the top is about 7. Locate the three crosshead screws holding the glass to the window regulator, and remove them. Mark the location of the four 14mm nuts holding the window regulator to the door, by marking around the head of each nut with a marker. Again, you want to re-install the regulator in the same location that it was removed, to avoid later adjustments.

how to replace electric window mechanisms mx5

Remove the three 10mm nuts or two, in the case of power windows securing the window regulator gearbox to the door. Pry the three push-fasteners that fit into holes in the door and secure the regulator cables. Power window regulators are similar, only the gearbox portion includes an electric motor and electrical connector.

If your cable breaks and you have power windows, you may want to look into replacing just the cable not available from Mazda with something like a bicycle or motorcycle control cable to save major bucks.

Install the window winder crank or connect the regulator to connector in door to check the operation of the new or rebuilt regulator before taking the trouble to re-install. Now, install the regulator in the mechanism order as removed, being careful to match-up the marks made at the four mounting points. Check for free operation of the regulator again, and try window one fastener at a time if there is any binding, as the regulator may be twisted slightly. Be careful to reinsert the push-fasteners that secure the regulator cables and keep them away from the moving window.

Clean the window of any accumulated dust, dirt and grease. Check the front and replace window guides and grease them with white lithium grease, as needed. The new regulator should come pre-lubricated, so just wind it up to a point where the window fastener holes are electric through the door how.

Insert the window carefully into first the rear, then the front window guides. Work the window down until the three fastener mx5 line up with the regulator.