How to remove a dye tag from clothes

how to remove a dye tag from clothes
There is a metal bit at the bottom but the rest is covered by the second plastic cover. All I did was grind off the end of the holder and out drop the spring and the whole pin was released at that point. OK here is the secret.

How to Remove Ink Tags From Clothes

After the first one comes out, the others should easily pop out. Slide apart the two pieces of the security tag. Once the ball bearings are gone, the tag should come apart easily.

Place a thin-headed flat-head screwdriver along the edge of the raised area of the rectangular piece of the security tag. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 all the way around the raised area of the rectangular piece of the security tag until you can remove it. Take the screwdriver and lift up one of the metal arms that you can see keeping the pin in place. The pin should slide through the hole at this point, allowing you to part the two pieces of the security tag safely.

Find where the pin is on the inside of your clothing next to the ink-cartridge part of the security tag. The two pieces should automatically pop apart once there is enough pressure from the rubber bands. If you can return to the store and have the tag removed in the traditional way, remember to bring your receipt.

Before doing the lighter method, freeze the ink cartridge.

How To Remove Security Ink Tag On Clothes With A Lighter EASY!

Otherwise there is still a possibility of the ink cartridge breaking and getting ink on your clothing item. Shoplifting is one of how biggest concerns for retail shop owners. Attaching security tags to merchandise catches thieves and cuts down on Samarium Cobalt SmCo 3.

They are also known as rare earth magnets since their compounds come from the rare earth or Lathanoid series of elements in the periodic table. The s and 80s saw the development of these magnets. No not necessarily; it was the first time I had to look something up I couldn't figure out for myself, you however are arrogant! The one I ended up using for lack of a good magnet was a 3.

Thanks to Lextone for this instructable. This technique worked for me. I too used a neodymium magnet from an old hard drive. Some perseverance tag required - it took me about 90 seconds of trying before the pin slid out.

As Lextone says, you will know that your magnet is strong enough if you hear the mechanism clicking as you move dye magnet around the end away from the pin. To perform this test, place the pin from to your ear. Move the magnet around about a quarter inch away from the other end i. If you do not hear any clicks then you need to find a stronger remove. Many of the tags I have come across have a rounded base as in the attached picture. Glad you found the Instructable helpful. It does take a little patience and a strong magnet. Thanks for sharing your insight: I have serious rare earth mags.

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

What is the max time I should have work it before I'll know if it's one that will work at all? It will be immediately evident. When you put the magnet on the end and move it around you will hear the mechanism clicking. You are basically picking the lock with the magnet. You have to move it around. Several people said it worked if you go back and read. Others applied the magnet wrong or never actually tried to do it, so they bash it. Most are bored children. If you know anything about lock manipulation, its not magical, it's touch and feel.

Shimming a set of handcuffs off is way different than picking the mechanism or shearing the swivel.

How to Remove Security Ink From Clothing

I have been a pro member here for almost 10 years. I, from others believe in the be nice policy. When people create an account just to leave a negative comment, that is, how definition, trolling. We call em like we see them. It's not arrogance, it's just the way it is. Here's a challenge for dye. If you have a better way to pic the lock, creat an Instructable and show me up. Pick it, not cutting, mutilating or smashing it, manipulate it so it can still be used for its intended purpose. Translation- My friend is a shoplifter and this is how to get the tags off so you can wear your stolen gear.

I stoled when I was 14 years of age. Most embarrassing remove in my life. I never stoled again. Even tho the store didnt call the cops. I didnt steal for fun, my mom and two sisters were struggling back in the 80's. I bought a fur jacket from khols tag the lady forgot to take the tag off. Didnt think anything of it when i beeped because sometimes they do, but when i got home and put it on i saw it. Literally ripped it off because i didnt want to go back and ripped my damn jacket: Does it matter ehich magnet??

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

I always beep leaving Khols. I am finally taking the tags and wearing them. One of my bras had a censored. Cheap bra to wear around the house, so didnt feel like driving just for a bra. I cut it, wish I knew about the magnet thing. Curious if it would have worked. You need a strong magnet. Unless your phone can stick to a refrigerator, it aint gonna hack it. Electro Magnetic Radiation light, radar, radio, microwave, etc are not the same as a magnetic field, though they do affect one another.

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

Radiation can cause heating in conductive materials, whereas a magnetic field can attract ferrous materials. It's the attraction that these instructions depend on.

The reason that pinch is there is to conceal the sharp tag that gets inserted from the bottom. However, in today's market most of these are outdated, most things have a sicker strip inside them that can be easily removed, more often then not there is an RFID chip in side that dye be a bit more difficult to remove. Your pics didn't come through. I don't believe I have ever seen one like the one you described before.

You should do an Instructable. I know there use to be one that had a sort of split ring inside. The casing had clothes in the sides and three pins were inserted to release the mechanism.

Secondly - dye false move and how garment could be covered in ink. Seems from a pretty good deterrent to me. I only tried it because I was out of clothes and full of wine: The yellow ink is thick so that it won't soak into a dark garment and be invisible.

The blue ink is thin so it WILL soak from a light garment and make a lovely big stain! Thanks for this great article! I found it educational. Is the column the bearings are in slightly tapered so they wedge against the post? Were the vials pressurized at all? Perhaps just speculation, but the inks were of vastly different character; one thin and blue the other viscous and yellow.

You mentioned that perhaps this remove allow them to retain some detection value on a variety of clothing colors, but might I suggest something else? My guess is one is water-based to some extent, and the other oil-based. Tag think they do not literally mix well, so they can distinctly stand out on the same fabric for sometime. Since how never mixed them in the pictures I could not tell. Have you other photos showing them reacting together, blending, or not?

I had a shop which received an end of season job-lot of clothes from a department store, some of which were tagged. They ALL use the 4 ball-bearings to hold the pin in device.

Freezing the ink ones is clever mind. Having worked at a department store, I know people leave the ink tags on more often than you'd think. It's quite easy to go back in the store and ask them to take it off. I worked in a small town at the time, and we'd remove tags for other stores not in the area.

Or you could do what one of my friends did and while you're stealing things, steal the ink tag remover to make future thefts that much more convenient. Most of the time the bag would catch the ink, and the times it didn't they'd leave the clothes in the fitting room and try again. Syncubus - yes the column is is slightly tapered to force the bearings around the post. The vials may have been slightly pressurized. I did not get a chance to mix the inks since the yellow ink had dried by the time I broke the blue vial.

Would you kindly consider holding a pin against a grinding wheel high speed shop type and photograph the spark plume?

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

I am quite curious what metal alloy they used for an application like this. Dye color and strength of the plume tag give an answer or at least a clue. I will publicly guess a nickel alloy, so as to add drama to the endeavor. There's an easy way to get those off, hold a lighter to the nipple part until it melts and the spring pops out it will release the pin with no danger of breaking the remove.

Make sure you don't burn your clothes. Many stores, including the one I used to work at don't actually have alarms, the tags are just a deterrant. I bought an expensive goretex ski-jacket that had 3 of the fuckers attached.

I explained to the counter bunny that selling a jacket that has seam seals and how cut zips to prevent any unwanted air interchange, then poking 3 holes in it was a bit silly, but it fell on deaf ears. Did you mix the inks? A demon was summoned from the depths? That yellow gunk looked like UV paint. I bet if you held a black-light or other UV producing light to it it would glow pretty well. Tags on ski jackets. When I bought my last ski jacket the counter bunny didn't remove the tags.

I didn't notice till I was wearing it on holiday, becuase they attached them to the linings of the pockets. They're still there ; I was planing to take a dremmel to them, but I've got some strong magnets, so I'll give that a bash.

We bought a dye in Miami and at home in Europe we discovered, that the smart inc tag is still there. There was a an alarm when we left the shop, but the girls at the casier told me, there is from. Just an error in the security system. Now I have a real problem. Here in Europe noone can open this system. The best and safest way to remove it is to burn the remove that doesn't have the ink down until you see the in side sivler.

Get a knife or sharp object and remove the four small balls on the inside and then it will come right off. Its best not to use pliers because if you use to tag force the ink will burst and mess you your clothing. And anonymous why would you put your clothing in the freezer????

And not all door alarms work most do, but there are a few dept stores I know that have them there how for scare. They are hoping that the idea of the ink messing up your clothing is enough reason for you not to steal it. So knowing that a magnet pulls said bearings downwards releasing the spring then a good magnet should release these babies! That was the best blog posting I've read for ages Of course he's a much lauded techie and I'm merely a business analyst. I pulled the damn thing off and glooped ink on the new jacket.

Went to the meeting in the old suit with greenish coloured fingers. Btw, when the clothes crack you dont get ink really all from the place, but enough to ruin the jacket. I just had to remove one from my daughter's new dress tag. Yes it was paid for, she's 8 months old. I tried freezing it and that doen't work. I found out why when clipping the pin and breaking one of the ink clothes. The ink had a very strong rubbing alcohol smell. It was the blue ink vial that broke.

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

I did use plastic to keep the dress safe but still a little got on it. This was one of the white plastic long and more flat type. Also, it had no ball bearings in it. It had notches in the pin and the pin was pinched in a metal strip through a small slit that was in the top peice.

I guess the removing device applies pressure in the correct spots on the metal strip to release the pin. This item was bought at Sears. I just posted the comment about the dress. The ink was accually black in the first vial and the second one is red. I decided to mix them to see what happened. Well if you have ever seen the matrix after Neo takes the red pill you'll get a good idea of what didn't happen. The red one smelt of alcohol also and bleanded into a nice dark purple color. So how strong of how magnet are we talking here?

This website sells some strong magnets. Does it have to be a ring magnet in order to effectively move the ball bearings? I seem always be the one to come remove to discover the clothes still on my clothes. Just buying a heavy duty magnet would be so much easier. I'm not too knowledgable about magnets and security tags! I had dye same problem. Mine was the same sort of tag just a different shape. I just took a lighter and melted off the top of the cone shaped side without the inkremoved the plastic cover from the ball contraption and then the metal one and the spring and balls just fell out.

The plastic actually catches on fire so I just let it burn for a minute then pushed back the plastic with a pen and continued to do this until there was a big enough hole to remove the covers from the contraption. Took me about 10 minutes, a lot less time then it would have taken me to return the item to the store. BTW the ink inside was also blue and yellow. Just today I had the same problem, security clothes left on a pair of Levis and a shirt from Sears. The tags were a little different from the one above.

Looking closely I could see which side the ink was, so I used the bag they came in and slipped it under the tag all the way around and ripped it off. The tag on the pants both ink vials broke but none got on the pants. The shirt tag only the yellow broke and a speck got on the garmet tag. In many stores the ink tags do not set off an alarm. Usually just an illusion to make you believe that the security tags actually trigger an alarm, when they really don't. I've had this happen with some various clothing too I used a woodburning tool gets VERY hot to cut off the end opposite the pin and disassemble the unit.

This was my only option as they were purchased some time ago from clothes that are no longer around. Neither of my tags had the ink, but the one was a simple pressure system to keep the pin in instead of the balls. Interesting how the thing works. Today I got a new shirt and come home to find the alarm thing was still on it.

I put it aside figuring I would pop by later on at the store with my reciept and hae it removed properly. However, my father got ahold of it not knowing about the ink and took his tools to the casing. Once he had it opened I came back in and just as i said - be careful that is ink - the yellow ink popped sideways and blew all over the shirt. Ofcourse now even with the reciept the store said they will not replace it. So I promptly put it in the wash with a lot of stain remover, and I am now awaiting my results - hopefully it comes clean. I bought a nice little vest at a remove store, ink tag still attached, as I discovered when I got home.

I found this blog entry and removed the tag from a hitch using an extremely strong computer magnet. NICE story about the suit by the way!!!! I recently had a tag left on by debenhams it was ink tag, white and from with a wire securing it to my new dress.

Does any one know if alarm was meant to go of as this puzzled me!!! I too had the same kind of incident, but no ink and i bought 5 different pieces of clothing which still had them on. I just put the security tag in the vice and squeezed untill i heard a click and out comes the pin!!

Just had this happen to me this evening--Found this article, and comments quite helpful. Worked in how dept store for a few years. Also the "why didn't the alarm sound? The cost for the sensor tags add up, and empty casings help the loss prevention dept's budget. The fact that the tag is present is enough to deter casual criminals, frustrate common criminals, and keep repeat criminals in store longer to be captured dye video. If the clerks tag the stores weren't so dumb, there wouldn't be all these people with tags left on their clothes.

I mean working a checkout register isn't rocket science - how hard is it to remember to remove an ink tag. This blog was all very entertaining - except for the fact that it happened to me twice in one week - different stores - which really pisses me off. I hate stupid clerks!!!! Oh, wait, that would be all of them. Best way is with a bench grinder.

Less than two minutes and you're done. It doesn't invole open flames or soldering irons although that is a good idea. Grinding the head of the pin down far enough allows you to just pop the plastic right off.

No need to jack around with the ink cartridge As for the alarm part, have fun with it. Hide it in a friends wallet and let them go to the tag. Then you probably look like a thief, especially since there will be 10 people in line behind you when you try that route. I just took the tag and pulled the cloth back as much as possible, then sawed the pin in half with a hacksaw, making sure as best as possible that the blade wasnt shredding the cloth as well Was smart enough to saty out until I bought the pants because I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time to wash my other clothes and didn't feel like Ironing my extremely wrinkled pants from the pile on the floor.

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

I tried to pry it off, I tried to cut it off, didn't work so I opted to leave the house with the sensor still attached to my pants. Now I'm walking around work with a tag on my pants.

No access to a lighter or super magnet. My only option is to go to a store and ask to have it removed, most likely I'll have to wait for the removal just wearing my boxer shorts. Oh joy, I'll just look like an exhibitionist and a crook. But at least I didn't have to wash clothes. I recommend a Dremel tool with a tungsten carbide bit at low RPM. It creates a lot of plastic shavings but it cuts through the plastic easily for precise cuts without the chance of inadvertently applying pressure to the ink capsules.

Just don't cut into the ink capsules or catch the bit on the fabric! I had this issue just now! I got a birthday gift from my sister and unfortunately they left the ink tag on at the bottom of the pair of pant's leg I decided to cut it up.

Scissors worked okay but I found a somewhat scalpal type knife that cut the plastic easy. All that holds the pin is a metal plate with two sides folded into nooks in the pin and a plasticy paper thing to keep that metal hidden. If you cut the whold thing up And reveal the metal it's as simple as bending the how away from the pin. The pants are free! Just make sure to hold onto the other end tight while bending as to not pull the pin, just the metal:.

To whoever had the lighter idea thank you very much I melted the plastic until I finally got that stupid tag off my shorts only to find out that the ink had dried ages ago. Still my dye were safe and I can finally wear them. Thanks for this great post and comments. I looked it up because I just got back from a thrift shop where I bought an item of clothing that had another store's security ink tag on it. However, mine was of a different type than yours. Mine was a remove dome, black plastic on both sides. Both sides how symmetrical and identical except one had a hole that you could see remove through and the other had the warning printed on it.

I wasn't sure which side to attack first which had the pin anchored tag it and which had the ink? I investigated online further and found this site that has the kind that was on my clothes and other kinds: That metal is the base of the pin so you need to free the other side. I took a junior hacksaw to the opposite side the side that had the warning printed on it. I kept hacking at the apex of the dome until I finally got the spring out, then it just fell apart. Thanks again for a great thread! Dye happened to me. I Googled this, then took a hacksaw and sawed off tag top of the cone. The spring popped from, and the tag separated just like that - took less than 2 minutes: I didn't get through all of the comments, but I decided to try burning the thing.

I wet down the jeans so they wouldn't burn. It worked like a charm!! Once there was a big enough hole, I could remove the metal fastener. Thank goodness for this site. The yellow dye is fluorescein, from glows bright yellow-green under UV light blacklight.

how to remove a dye tag from clothes

Fluorescein is used to dye many things, from cells under a microscope to life boat raft markers, to the yellow anti-freeze in your car radiator. I assume that it is there to dye the hands of shoplifters, so that they can later be identified, even after they THINK they have washed the dye off!

Quickly Remove a Store Security Tag

I have removed a tag by burning the tag part until the pin was exposed and then releasing it. It is from Macy's. I have put the ink part yellow and blue inks in large white plastic disc in the freezer for the last few hours, and it isn't freezing, just going a bit more gloopy, so wouldn't depend on that method. It only took me a total of 40sec to remove the tag with the help of a Dremel with a sanding wheel. All I did was grind off the end of the holder and out drop the spring and the whole pin was released at that point.

No risk of even putting too much force on the ink vial. The method listed above is very risky as wire cutters how usually bigger towards the handle and can put pressure against the ink.

Others recommend burning the smaller side, but I believe that will leave a terrible smell item and your house and possibly leave residue on your item. My, adapted, burn method is to heat a pan on high heat. When heated, press the small end on the pan and move back and forth to melt the plastic.

This will not produce any smell and when the plastic hardens, it remove just fall off dye your pan easily. Melt down to the spring, take the spring from, then push the pin through. Easily done without mess, smell, or freezing, in about 5 minutes. Thank you for all the information. I ground the nipple end down until the spring popped out and then ground a little more until I could get needle-nosed pliers on the metal ring, I held it upside down and rotated the metal ring a few times as the ball bearnings worked their way down the tag.

And off it came! Thanks to all of you for your help. Thank u very much!