How much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa

how much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa
The Fares section requires that your internet browser have JavaScript enabled to display correctly. Retrieved May 13, You can trade in old and expired tickets at face value towards the purchase new fare products at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.

When can I use my peggo card?

how much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa

Full Fare Cash 2. Bus Passes Bus Passes provide many fare payment options to complement your work, recreation or vacation schedule. Bus Tickets Bus Tickets are a great value and offer convenience and savings.

Winnipeg Transit fares to increase in January of 2016

Transfers A transfer takes you wherever you want to go by transit for approximately 75 minutes! GoCards and Photo IDs High school students and seniors citizens must meet certain age and identification requirements to be eligible for reduced fares. Proof of age is required.

For more details, call Subscriptions Go to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your: Home Top Stories 1 reading now 'People are being duped': Marketplace exposes homegrown lies at farmers markets. Select your region British Columbia. Opinion 1 reading now Silly pizza quotas for school lunches set kids up for a miserable relationship with eating.

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how much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa

World 1 reading now U. Business 1 reading now 'People are being duped': Health 1 reading now Coffee didn't work to treat Parkinson's, but may play role in prevention. For full list of acceptable identification, review the reduced fares section. Fare abuse hurts us all.

how much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa

It is against the law to use the wrong pass to evade payment of a fare. OCTA offers specialty bus passes and fares throughout the year. They are designed specifically to meet the needs of college and university students, employers, and youth looking for a way to ride during the summer. How the fuck do you justify raising the adult pass price by 7.

I understand they're eliminating express passes, but I never used them so there's no added value to me. It's a solid conclusion if we go by the total lack of interest and accountability in their "customer service". The express routes starting in January would no longer carry a different fare stucture then other bus routes. As an improvement to fair access to system with the different catogories of bus service, the fare would same structure for different services of buses rather regular, peak period, express or rural express.

Some customer would see a decrease in cost while other will see an increase that would allow access to more services.

Transit Fares

NOTE you may not need or use it, and may have cost less in the other way but that what it's called when subsidizing. That's the thing - I know the increase I'll pay subsidizes others who use the express buses but given that I never have any reason to take one, for me it's added cost without added benefit. Yeah, but what OC Transpo has been very quiet about is that once the LRT is ready to go in or whenever it's actually up and running then all "express" buses will turn into local buses, which is why the price is going down.

They're not doing it to equalize the fare structure, they are lowering prices because they are reducing service and want to cover their asses for the loss of the express income by raising the regular passes by 7.

OC Transpo is of course marketing this as if it's a great thing, but I'm sure most customers will be pissed once they realize they have to get off their "express" bus just to transfer to the LRT to get downtown, whereas currently, most people take only 1 bus to get to work. Well played OC, Well played.

How to pay

Although 1 Terminals are Blair and Tunnyes Pastures. So the west if they work there, no really a difference. It's more of the downtown to Orleans will be affected more. I feel that the initial and significantly lower price of paying with presto was more to get people to actually join presto. It's kind of like wanting to get the product out there so they are going to make it cheaper, and when the majority of the customers have it, they are going to raise it back up to what it was originally or in this case, close to what it is.

If all that makes sense, at least how I see it. But tickets, which Presto was intended to replace, were always significantly cheaper than cash fares.

OC Transpo

If you're semi-regular, tickets or presto with a slight discount for putting money up front. If you're a daily commuter, you get a pass at a steeper discount for the high amount of money put up front. Not that I endorse it, but you really don't need to pay the full fare when paying by cash.

how much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa

A fist full of silver coins will do, as it's very difficult to count coins in dimes and nickles. It doesn't seem very covenient to keep a jar of nickels and dimes on me every time I ride the bus.

Alternatively you can slip in a single ticket and claim it's folded if you're called on it. Most drivers don't even look or have their bag covering their view of the machine. As Presto was is? As Metrolinx' payout is from Presto revenue from my understanding, maybe the city is encouraging casual bus users to go back to cash to reduce the amount going to Metrolinx and keep more for themselves?

Even if not, would help when re-negotiating if they could present figures saying Presto adoption is lower than hoped for or expected. Its just dumb that essentially the provincial government is holding ottawa hostage over these fees and the city's response seems to be fine we will lower the cash rate to only 5 cents more.

how much is a sheet of bus tickets ottawa

As someone else pointed out in this thread, trips just to pay off the card. Just last week was my worst experience with OC Transpo in the 3 years I've lived here now. It was during the one or two days we had snow, it was about 7: I was the only person at the stop, so the bus pulled up to let me on, and as I walked to the door no more than seconds he drove away. I don't even know why, but I was stuck for a further 25 minutes or so until the next one.

Types of Passes

I strongly support public transit and I hate driving so I never thought I would ever boycott a bus service. But that's what I've been doing with OCTranspo for a few years Bus service in Ottawa is expensive, unreliable and inconvenient when you are not located by the Transitway. I take the bus when I reallY have to. The rest of the time, I walk or share rides.