How much is a 1943 stainless steel penny worth

how much is a 1943 stainless steel penny worth
Your coin is worth around 10 to 25 cents if in typical, worn condition. Beyond that, there are several other indications of authenticity a collector will look for, including making sure the copper coin is not simply a penny for example that has been manipulated to look like a copper cent.

I have steel wheat pennies among many others,have no access to internet much,am wondering if theyre worth more than face value? As you can see in this article, steel Wheat Pennies are not worth much more than face value. Hello, Irene -- I just replied to another similar post of your but in case you don't see that post kindly let me reply again The magnet test verifies rather or not a cent is made from steel or copper, not rather or not it is authentic. If your penny DOES stick to a magnet, it is made from steel and is worth 10 to 50 cents.

Best wishes, Josh CoinValues. Hello, I am trying to figure out where do I share the photo, of my Penny minted in Philly andif it has any value? You can use the upload file icon below the text entry box, or post in our forum. I just wanted to know, How can you tell if you have a steel penny, or a bronze penny? Christie, first you would need to see if the penny sticks to a magnet. The silver colored penny is a wartime issue made of steel and coated with zinc.

They are worth about 10 to 13 cents each in circulated condition, and as much as 50 cents or more if uncirculated.

how much is a 1943 stainless steel penny worth

The following table lists the buy price what you can expect to pay to a dealer to purchase the coin and sell value what you can expect a dealer to pay you if you sell the steel.

The first column lists the date and mint mark see the photo above followed by the buy price and the sell value for an average circulated Lincoln Wheat penny. The next two columns list the buy price and the sell value for an average uncirculated.

These are approximate retail prices and wholesale values. The actual offer you receive from a particular coin dealer will vary depending on the actual grade of the stainless and a number of other factors that determine its worth.

I have two wheat pennies with no mint stamp and I am unsure of the value. The dates are and What are the values? Assuming usual wear and no damage, each of your coins is worth between 3 cents and 10 cents. The first one is a large penny dated copper with a man wearing a Liberty headband. The second is a regular size copper penny dated with an indian with feathers on his head. The third is regular size copper penny, very worn I think the date is looks like a flying eagle.

The first dime is datedhas a D on the much, on the penny side the head has a ribbon coming off the nape of the neck and spikes at the top front of the head. The second dime is dated the back has III in Roman numerals. The third dime much smaller dated and has an O on the back and reads half dime. There is also a coin that I believe to be a quarter because of the larger size although it does not state a denomination anywhere on the coin, dated and has a Roman numeral V on the back.

Thanks for your assistance. What a nice coin collection! Before I list out the approximate values of your coins, please know that the prices here are are averages for coins that are not damaged cleaned, bent, corroded, holed, etc. These are retail prices. The value of such a piece is often a bit lower than on a coin where all the lettering is visible. If someone for whatever reason scraped the S off your penny, that would make it worth even less.

I am not well-heeled in political tokens, but I do know there IS quite a market for them. Hopefully you can find your token online, a story about its origin, and maybe even some values. I have a D Wheat penny that was struck on one side and is blank on the other. You think it might be worth something? Be sure how hang on to your off-center penny! By the way, off-center strikes tend to have worth value if they show a date like yours. Also, the more off-center the strike, the more value the coin has generally speaking.

Hi, I have large coin that says half penny. I can not find anything refering to it can you tell me were to,look to find information on it. Because the last U. Does it have a portrait of a woman with a drapery worth the back of her head?

As for your nickel and Lincoln wheat cent, they are worth only about twice to three times their face value. Because even though they are quite old, they are also very common coins, too. If I were to find one of these pennies, the that sticks to a magnet, Who do I let know and how can I turn it in in exchange for the money? A penny that sticks to a magnet a regular steel cent is worth about 15 to 50 cents in typical circulated grades. Because the face value of the coin is still 1 cent, you would get only that amount for it if you exchanged it as currency at a bank or store.

If you do want to try and make those few extra cents off it, you could sell it to a coin dealer or sell it online at eBay. Great job on finding the steel cents! I know, they really are unusual and quite difficult to find in circulation. In fact, over 1 billion steel cents were made, when considering the P, D, and S mintmarks as a group. Therefore, there are plenty of these coins to go around. Who can I contact about their value?

Rare Pennies You Should Hold Onto… Including The 1943 Penny

I live in Central Texas. Or, if you would like, I could give you a rough estimate on here provided I can have some descriptions of the coins date, denomination, etc. The values I can give though are sight-unseen, so I will be assuming typical grades wear and condition. Let me break down the value of your set. Your shellcase cents, made from through were actually made from spent cartridge cases that were collected and melted down to make new Lincoln cents.

A little advice for you — please go to a coin dealer to sell your coins. They know more about coins and will give you a higher price for them than a pawn shop or jeweler.

How Much is a 1943 Penny Worth?

Thank You So Much. I would really appreciate it. There are so many good coin dealers out there. My penny does not have a mark on it where it was made the P or S on the face It sticks to a magnet and is silver color if i wash it. Beyond that, there are several other indications of authenticity a collector will look for, including making sure the copper coin is not simply a penny for example that has been manipulated to look like a copper cent. There is also the concern of die-cast forgeries. You said that coin experts will make sure the penny is not just a penny in disguise.

But can this be reversed? Like if I have a penny and the number how looks funny, is there any possibility that it could have been made in but was later on changed to a ?

In that scenario, also, as one would need a stainless cent to change it into a typical-looking bronze cent — that means defacing a valuable numismatic rarity to pass it off illegally as a coin worth 5 cents. SO, is it possible? Mint, but have you ever heard of overdates? Those are coins which originally bore one date before the United States Mint literally stamped a new year on the die! Mint coins and rather sought-after by penny steel collectors. I have three of the same penny. I have the S version, P version, and D versions. The steel cent actually is the common type of penny. I found a silver looking P penny the other day.

However, it feels lighter than other pennies I have. Is there any value to this, or is it just a fake steel? Except for any errors which may be floating around, no Lincoln cents are particularly rare or scarce unless they are in well-preserved mint-state grades. My boyfriend found a penny. Its silver but we have to check it with the magnent test hopefully its real. A D penny is a very common coin with over 6 billion made across the different varieties of that year! If you have any coins you want to sell, I recommend worth a much dealer. Most large cities have at least a few.

These pennies date from around the s most I have heard about date from through and were made by some private company or entity. While the pennies are real, U. Mint-made coins, the state designs on them are not from the mint.

how much is a 1943 stainless steel penny worth

I have only heard of one person on here who has actually completed a set of Where can I find a site that can give me prices on old coins stainless having to pay a fee?

It would be nice for the site to have pictures of each coin. Thanks for your question. To find out more about steel cents, you can check out this article: I just found a Canadian penny that has a silver rim on it.

Does anyone know anything about it or is it just a minting mistake? As Canadian cents are now mainly comprised of steel, you may be seeing some of the steel that has been exposed as a result of the outer copper plating having been worn off. No, it is a definite steel ring on the how and copper on the inside. Must be a fluke or something. Oh, I thought maybe from the description it was the copper plating getting worn at the edges.

It sounds like somebody had placed the penny into a coin jewelry ring. R penny from Do you have any idea how much it is worth? I cannot find it in any books. In such cases, altered coins normally are regarded as novelty coins and tend to have a lower value than a steel without altered surfaces. One of the few exceptions to such a case would be Hobo nickels, which are Buffalo nickels that have had portraits carved into the coin.

Hobo nickels actually have a following of coin collectors who pay more for these coins than they would have for regular, unaltered Buffalo nickels: I have a D uncirculated 2. I was curious about the value of this coin. I did the magnet test and yes it does stick to the magnet. Can you give me any info on this? Thank you for any of your help. What you have sounds like a very nice example of a typical D steel cent. The fact that it sticks to a magnet is normal for a steel cent. There are some planchet and minting errors that would cause some misshapen appearances. However, the metal distortion you seem to indicate would lead me to believe your much is worth a victim of more than 50 years of heavy service and abuse in circulation.

I found a penny on the front it has a lincoln head and on the back insted of the hous it says one cent and wheat on both sides of the one cent. What you have is a Lincoln wheat cent. Though now old, these are still quite common and worth about 3 to 5 cents in worn grades.

how much is a 1943 stainless steel penny worth

Mint did, it much generally be considered a novelty coin. As for value, it may be worth 50 cents to a dollar or so to an interested individual. Yes, Matthew — definitely keep your Indian Head cent.

Indian Head pennies are very popular collectibles, and in well-preserved grades can be worth quite a bit. I have a question. Is this something that may have value or did someone just possibly engraved the B on it themselves? Hi my name is JoAnn, I have a penny that does not stick to a magnet that has a picture of Lincoln dated and a picture of a log cabin with the date and has two lil numbers or letters on the left and the stainless side and says ONE CENT on the bottom….

I penny have a strange looking Nickel with how the front and a Buffalo on the back I am just curious to know what I have here…. The log cabin represents where Lincoln was born and spent the early years of his life. The Jefferson nickel with the bison is part of a commemorative series honoring the th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Both your coins are common and worth just face value if worn, but they are neat coins to have and are quite popular with coin collectors! Each of your pennies is worth 25 cents to 75 cents each as long as how are not damaged and not rusting.

Hi, My name is Jada. I have a penny and penny. The is pretty worn. I was wondering if they would be worth anything? They look pretty normal. However, I do urge you to keep checking your pocket change for coins. If you can find any pennies made before or those of any date which have any part of the design doubled, be sure to hang onto them. They can be worth more than face value! As such, your coin essentially has no monetary value to coin collectors.

Even without the stamp, a D cent that is worn is worth 2 to 3 cents. I have a steel penny. I am looking for a way to auction or sell this. Any information would be appreciated. I have two steel wheat pennies one has no mint mark the other has an S mint mark. I may be interested in selling. I have a Lincoln copper penny with John F. Your Lincoln-Kennedy penny has value as a novelty coin. You can find out more about your coin here: Hi, A —The wheat pennies you listed — except for the D — are each worth about 3 to 5 cents.

The D steel cent has a value closer to 25 cents or so. Maybe not a lot of money but worth more than face value! How much money is it worth Your regular Lincoln cent has a value of about 2 to 3 cents in worn grades… Still a nice example of a Lincoln wheat ear cent, stainless I have 1 steel penny, 1 S steel penny and 1 D steel penny.

How much are they worth. Your coins are worth around 20 to 25 cents apiece. How nice that you have a complete set of steel cents! Thanks for your question! Yours is likely a coin that was chemically altered in what has become a common science experiment often conducted by school kids. I have a abraham linkcoln silver penny could u tell anything about it and is it penny alot of money.

Because the coin you have was likely chemically altered or plated and not how by the U. Mint your coin is worth at most face value. I really would be careful touching it…. However, despite being hard to find in circulation, worn S Lincoln cents are worth only face value. There is the S doubled die penny that is quite rare and worth thousands. Check out more about it here: I recently went through my penny jar and came across a American one cent coin. I was shock to see what turned up after looking online for Rare coins and seeing the Aluminum Penny story on Wikipedia… My question is, was steel an alternate Coin struck for that was Circulated or do i Posses one of the Coins that was never circulated and destroyed?

I have a pure silver half crown, what would that be worth? Are the pennies British or from the U. It may be a British penny — they can be nearly as large as a U. Yes, your penny pennies and wheat cent are worth more than face value; the only thing is that neither type of coin is rare or highly valuable.

Your wheat cent is stainless 3 to 5 cents. Because that price quote is referring to the copper S penny, which is a highly rare much. I have shown this coin to a jeweller and he stated there is no other way steel it was minted like this, as a prank by someone in the mint or a professional. He stated it may have some other meaning to it. I found this penny when I was a teenager in and something told me always to hang onto it.

A company or private mint likely placed the image on these muches as a promotion of some sort. Hello…I have just found a Indian Head penny in my garden…How much would you say it is worth? While your smoking Lincoln penny may have no numismatic value, it may be of interest to novelty coin collectors. And, worth, when was the last time you saw a person on a coin smoking?!

There was a coin as well. I believe I have found a coin. There are many different coins in this collection. I would say there are around a or so of these coins. Personally, I would double check all the coins for dates and hang onto them. Valuable Lincoln Memorial Cents: I have a question about a quarter. I went throught them all and sure enough none of them were worth anything big really.

But after i was done with the pennies i started looking through dollars worth of quarters and came across a few interesting quarters that i have a few questions about the value of them.

1943 Steel Pennies

I found a few bicentenial quarters and although they are common i was still wondering if they were worth more than their face value more than the face value.

I was wondering if this was rare or not or if you know of any design flaws of that year. Rim-width variations are generally a common thing — many times, coins will also exhibit very arrow rims, too.

There's a Penny in Circulation Worth $85,000 and It Might Just Be in Your Pocket

As far as value, I double checked this against numerous websites and there is no indication that there is any special value for your quarter because of the rim being noticeably wider than those on other quarters. Otherwise, P or D mint mark Bicentennial quarters with any wear are worth only face value.

While you may not have found any big-money coins this time around, do keep checking each and every coin that goes through your hands.

how much is a 1943 stainless steel penny worth

You could still hit it big in the future! You have a British half penny. While it could take some time, I would go through all of the rolls of Lincoln wheat cents and see if you find steel of value. Most much cents made before are worth more than those struck from on. First divide them up that way.

Trying to figure out exactly what you have. Most are worth 3 to 5 cents in worn grades. However, I encourage you to take a look at these two posts, because if you have certain dates, your pennies may be worth much more. Several years ago I came across a Lincoln penny with an obliterated date. The date appears to have been worth over by an excess drop of copper at the time that it was minted.

I have never heard of this before and I would think that quality control at the mint would prevent such coins from ever being circulated. But this one made it through. Are you aware of such defects and what value the market place puts on such coins?

I have a link to an image of a die cud… maybe you can determine through the image if it looks like the type of blob on your coin: I have a question: I have a year penny that appears miss-struck, or stamped off-center. Off-center coins are always eye catching and certainly are fun to show friends and family! So a cent is not at all scarce. In fact, a cent with any wear on it whatsoever is actually worth only face value. But why not hang onto that Lincoln cent anyway?

The damage on it tells a story of a rough life — that has now spanned two centuries! I have a bunch of interesting coins. I have many other coins to ask you about too. I have some comments on the cent above; the amount of wear concerns me…. First things first — great photos. It always makes it easier how me to see well-photographed coins, and you did a wonderful stainless. Thanks for taking time to do that. Now, as for that Indian cent…. As I look at that, it reminds me of the beginnings of a clipped planchet.

The machine that stamps out the blanks from the big sheet of metal can create straight clips. I looked at your other coins in the photos… nice collection of both U. I think I already gave you the values for worth of the U. From what I can tell of the foreign coins, I see what appears to be mainly coins from Germany, France, and British pieces with a Mexican coin and then what looks like a few Asian coins.

Most of those coins are very common copper, brass, and copper-nickel pieces from the s and later; values in general would fall between 5 cents to 25 cents each. I do the same thing for people when it comes to automotive or hydrogen energy. I spent hours responding to questions from people all over the world. I loved the fact that it help me learn to teach others.

If you change your mind just send me a msg, it would be an honor to give back to someone that took the time to help me like you did. As you can relate to from your own background, researching and helping others can be a penny of love!

Hopefully others were just as appreciative to you for your dedication and work as you have been here. Thank you so much. Values are based on both the year and the condition. You can sell Lincoln cents either to a brick-and-mortar coin dealer check your local phone directoryto an online coin dealer there are plenty of major, reputable dealers buying coins onlineor on eBay.

While most wheat cents are worth 3 to 10 cents each, there are several that are worth 10s and even s of dollars. Check out these posts to see which dates are worth the most money:.

It is the best way i know of to capture every detail on a coin. I have a, what I believe is a penny. Everything is clear on the coin except for the year. Is this a common condition?

Rare 1943 Penny Sells for $1 Million

I have a scan of the penny if that would help. From your description, it sounds like your coin has been weakly struck. This results in faint areas that ordinarily should be bold. This is a common condition on coins and, in nearly every situation, actually makes the coin worth slightly less than its regular value.

The fastest way, Sawyer, is by checking its weight. Any grade indicated is our best judgment, unless it has been graded by The unique composition of the coin steel coated with zinc, instead of the usual bronze composi I toss ones that have lots of dark spots, rim dings, a dull grey look. Had about rolls of them stashed in coff The coin in the photos is not the coin you will receive. The coin you receive will have minimal differences.