How to be a good celebrity personal assistant

how to be a good celebrity personal assistant
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It is very easy to be fired if you don't keep your wits about you.

Seven Truths About Becoming a Celebrity Assistant

The work varies a lot. I was in a situation where a Grammy winning singer needed the room to be at a celebrity temperature and the humidity to be just right, and that is a legitimate request. I have also been in situations where someone wants something like good from the UK while we were in the US and all of the shops selling foreign candy were closed. I had someone who assistant coffee from a particular store that was closed in New York, so I had to call a different coast and fly it over. We are talking tens of thousands of dollars spent on a menial task.

He wanted one but the restaurant had just closed and the doors were locked. Corporation rules are strict and when you are closed, you are personal.

But he really wanted this burger, so I knocked on the door and the manager said: These people have extraordinarily deep pockets. When I was on the road with them I was their confidant and they would tell me their deepest darkest how.

Just by the sheer amount of organization, planning, and yelling at vendors over the phone that you'll be doing, your management skills will become incredibly refined. You'll also get to know the business inside and out, which is essential if you ever plan on making a name for yourself here, whether you want to be an actor, represent them, or exploit them for all they're worth.

The right person for the job is the one who can handle a ton of pressure while keeping their boss calm and cool.

What it's really like to be a celebrity assistant

Having a college degree and some experience with management or planning will definitely make you a prime candidate, but celebrities aren't always known for making rational decisions. You might get hired just because the celeb liked the shoes you wore to the interview. Regardless of your background or future prospects, making this work for you in the present will take a lot of effort and patience on your part. You're going to be running errands, fetching coffee, picking up dry-cleaning, dropping off your boss's pet Chihuahua at the groomers, acting as a barrier between your celebriboss and encroaching paparazzi or crazed fans, making sure the taxes are done and filed in a timely manner, making travel arrangements, paying the utilities bill, organizing the fan mail, and attempting to handle some of the most infuriating lose-lose scenarios every single day of the week.

You will always be on top of the hottest trends in style, fashion, art and decorating, and will often be given a stack of cash to go out and buy those things for your celebrity. In fact, many celebrity assistants receive new furniture, jewelry or other expensive gifts from their celebrities.

how to be a good celebrity personal assistant

One popular television personality even gave her assistant a Land Rover! Some celebrity personal assistants have moved on to other exciting careers.

What It's Like To Be A Celebrity Personal Assistant

Madonna's assistant became her manager, and other assistants have gone on to executive positions in the film industry. There is also the very strong chance you'll become close and intimate friends with your celebrity. They may take you in as their confidante, since they know they can trust you with their most intimate secrets. This e-book gives you the industry secrets and practical advice you need to get started and succeed as a celebrity assistant. The lead author of this guide is John C. Havens, a successful actor and writer who has worked in television, film, and on stage with dozens of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

The contributing authors are:. More than a dozen celebrity personal assistants contributed their insider knowledge to this guide.

how to be a good celebrity personal assistant

They have achieved their dream of working with stars including several Academy Award winners. The guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to become a celebrity personal assistant, including:. You can have all this and more for an incredible price. It can cost hundreds of dollars to take courses on starting a business, and chances are they will not include specific information about becoming a personal assistant. Arrange parties for your friends, social events at your job, or help plan a family reunion or wedding.

Be handy with a computer and smartphone. The more tech skills you can offer them, like website management or graphic design for their lifestyle blog, the better. Create a personal website or blog for yourself, or volunteer to make one for a friend.

how to be a good celebrity personal assistant

Study popular celebrity social media accounts and start using similar tricks in your own. Practice sorting your emails into folders and creating neat, organized calendars. Brush up on your people skills. Be able to handle anyone from the snootiest celeb to their social climber friends. Land a relevant professional job.

Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant

Work as an administrative assistant or in customer service and complete your tasks efficiently and with a positive attitude. Experience as a nanny or as a personal assistant to a non-celebrity will give you an idea of what the job requires and land you relevant references. Brush up your resume.

how to be a good celebrity personal assistant

Include all the skills and experiences that a celebrity could want for their personal assistant. Emphasize your organization skills, customer service ability, and capability under tight deadlines. You may not land in your dream field right away, but having a goal to strive for will be good motivation to work hard. People more interested in the film world could look for actors or directors.

If you love to read or write, try to pair up with a best-selling author.