How much does it cost to remove a tree stump uk

how much does it cost to remove a tree stump uk
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how much does it cost to remove a tree stump uk

Don't forget to tell us how many stumps need removing and the sizes of each so we can accurately determine your needs. Basically if you can walk to the site then we can access it with one of our grinders.

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

Our largest Tree Stump Grinder needs only 35 inches width clearance which is less than an average doorway so usually access is not a problem. If we need to remove any gates etc in order to gain access we will discuss this with you and will re-fit it before leaving the site Do you use any chemicals?

No we do not use any chemicals in the removal of stumps. Stumps are ground away by one of our grinders and the only byproduct from this is wood chipping's which are used to back fill the hole where the stump was located, this ensures that the stump is recycled back into the environment from where it came.

What other services do you offer? Further, Scott says that in case of a relatively smaller tree stump which is up to 5 inches in diameter, you could attempt to dig it which is the most efficient method to get rid of it. This will not only completely remove the stump but also root system, resulting in a place where you can regrow vegetation and plants instantly. He also suggests that the stump should be kept at a height of around 4 feet, giving you the much-needed leverage.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree Stump?

You should also cut first from the surface and then the roots. In this case, it is most advisable to get in touch with a professional tree surgeon. Even if the stump has a width of as much as 1 foot below the ground, it can be quite a task because of the root system. The remains including woodchips stay around in the garden and can be used. More often than not, stump grinders would take woodchips away for an extra fee with little or no harm to the ground. If you look online for different methods or techniques for the removal of tree stumps, you will come across certain suggestions which are either senseless or extremely risky.

With a detailed study, Scott enlists the various myths related to tree removal:. One of the myths include a chemical which ought to be painted on a tree stump to quicken the procedure of rotting, however this product is non-existent.

Scott says that if holes are drilled in a stump and permeated with nitrate fertilizers it may reduce the long procedure by about a year.

How to remove tree stumps

Another myth as pointed by Scott includes an attempt to burn the stump which leads to the stump becoming hard and dry. It is quite a herculean task and relatively more complicated for an expert to remove a seasoned hard and dry stump by grinding. Although the internet is quite in favor of burning the stump using kerosene, it should ideally be avoided because it is unsafe as well as ineffective.

Usually what people do is try to dig and excavate around the tree stump and further attempt to cut through the roots by a chainsaw.

What happens is that the blade of the chainsaw becomes blunt eventually because it is not crafted to cut through the hard roots. With the absence of a certified national level association for stump grinders, most are registered with Arboricultural Association. Thin trees with soft bark will be much easier to grind and can potentially cost far less.

Older trees with sprawling root systems are harder to remove. Commercial grinders need to have attachments specifically designed to eat away at the roots surrounding the stump, which can add on time and effort to the project. Dry soil or clay is tougher to deal with than soft dirt. If it has not rained several days prior to stump grinding, professionals may need to hose down the dirt in order to make it easier to remove. Even after this water treatment, hard soil will make it harder for the grinder to reach the roots.

Compact soil could jam the saw blade, causing potential damage and the need for repair.

how much does it cost to remove a tree stump uk

Preparing hard soil takes time, which can increase the total bill from professionals. After grinding a stump, there may be piles of sawdust that can be unsightly. If the sawdust has to be removed by professionals, this will cost the homeowner more.

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how much does it cost to remove a tree stump uk

Stump diameter The smaller the diameter of the stump, the lower the cost. Root size Different trees have different root systems, for trees such as conifers the systems are generally both shallow and relatively short.

how much does it cost to remove a tree stump uk

Root depth While many trees have extremely shallow root systems, others can be as deep as 3 to 4 metres in order to anchor the tree to the ground. Location As mentioned previously, location plays a large part in tree stump removal cost.