How to make a stand up christmas tree cake

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake
Another cute Christmas tree cake. This will be one half of the ornament we are putting inside.

I loved this cake so much I had to try it but instead of the ornament I did an angel.

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My sister-in-law likes angels so I made her a birthday cake with and angel in the middle. It is not great but is a good first try. I wanted to show you a picture but do not know how to get one to you. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Christmas Tree Cake {Tutorial}

I love your tutorials. You can email me manda aol. I love the idea of an angel cake… almost did one in my book! OK to steal a photo with proper credit? I think my fans will love this as much as I do. Not sure how the top will turn out yet but I am so excited to try this pretty little cake!

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

Happy New Year to you and yours and cannot wait for more baby updates from you. I love your surprise cakes they are awesome! And I love the way you share the love by telling me how to Make them! Thank you, you Rock!!!

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

I made pies instead. Well, just wait until Christmas when I make this! When you say you put four cupcakes in a bowl do you mean you baked cupcakes that were tinted pink and purple?

I still have a long way to go to get it looking anything like the one I was trying to copy […]. Prep 30 min Total 4 hr 20 min Servings Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box. Tray or piece of cardboard covered with foil.

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Assorted small gumdrops, if desired. Make and bake cake as directed on box for 13x9-inch pan. Run knife around sides of pan to loosen cake; remove from pan to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 1 hour.

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For easier handling, refrigerate or freeze cake 30 to 60 minutes or until firm. Using serrated knife, cut rounded top off cake to level surface; place cut side down.

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

From the middle of one short side, make a diagonal cut to each corner on opposite side, making 3 triangular pieces. See diagram below in Expert Tips. If you use waffle cones, break a little bit off to even out the bottom, so that the cone will stand up on its own before coating.

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

Set the cones onto parchment or wax paper until hardened. This is a good time to touch up any areas you missed. They firm up nice and quick and will actually be quite solid once set. Place them on top of a cake or cupcake for a super easy decoration. Sign up for the Newsletter Privacy Policy. Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts Privacy Policy. Learn how to make snow-covered Christmas tree cake toppers using ice cream cones and candy. Use these on a wedding cake, holiday cake or cupcake. Christmas Holidays and Occasions.

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

Fresh Blooms Great for a spring wedding, fresh flowers are an easy way to add color and texture to your cake in a natural, organic way. Southwestern Steer A spectrum of color and sparkle, this wedding cake is topped off with a steer head and adds a whimsical touch to the southwestern reception.

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

Cultural Toppers These peg dolls dressed in traditional African clothing are a great fit for the bride and groom who are celebrating their heritage. Paper Blooms Handmade florals are equally pretty! Toy Toppers It may be your wedding day, but that doesn't mean you can't act like a kid!

Party Flags A simple project that makes a big and sparkly! Golden Figurines Elegant and antique, these dainty objects are the perfect toppers for a vintage-inspired wedding. Peg People Custom order a set of these peg dolls to be a perfect match of you and your betrothed. Best Day Ever You don't have to have people cake toppers. Winter Wonderland For a holiday wedding, create a winter wonderland on top of your cake.

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

In Season Fresh berries are an unexpected way to infuse a bit of bright color into a plain white cake. Geodes These trendy sparklers add a dose of fashionable color to your main dessert. Thank You for Bean Here This groom's cake is topped with coffee beans the groom roasted himself as a nod to his favorite treat.

Wire Writing Save money and create an impressive wire design for the top of your cake that looks like a million bucks. Calligraphy This pretty topper is simple yet oh-so-glamorous. Keep It Simple If you're going for a rustic vibe, sometimes basic is the best way to go, as was the case with this simple cake that features two unpainted wooden pegs and DIY bunting. Pinwheels Using strips of colorful craft paper, toothpicks and a glue gun, you can create cupcake pinwheel toppers. Firework Display Make a spectacle of your dessert presentation with cake sparklers. If your love is as strong as Ross and Rachael's, say it with adorable topper.

Just Beachy Fun for a wedding on the coast or great for a couple who simply loves the beach, a couple of brightly-painted beach chairs look just right on top of Design Star Meg Caswell's "sandy" wedding cake.

how to make a stand up christmas tree cake

Deer-ly Beloved Another adorable option is this cute deer couple, complete with bowtie and veil. Melt the white candy coating in a microwave as directed on its package.

Stir until it is smooth. Use the pinwheels to decorate cupcakes, hang on walls or make mobiles for kid's rooms.