How to clean the glass top oven

how to clean the glass top oven
It almost seems unbelievable which make me think to that guarantee mentioned. It is like you read my mind- just spend an hour last night trying different things and nothing worked — will take a pict before an after — keeping fingers crossed! Head to the Pantry Instead of spending money on expensive products, white vinegar and baking soda will get the job done.

I bought a cheap shaker for the baking soda and spray bottle for the vinegar, it works great! Clean up is easy, no harsh chemicals, terrefic!

March top, at My usual stove top cleaner did not touch it. Thanks for the clean tip. March 29, at 1: July 7, at 5: I tried this and it removed the cooked on spots, but left horrible streaking behind, even after I went back over it with Windex. Any ideas on getting the streaks off?? July 8, at February 1, at 4: Never use Windex unless you want streaks.

For years Windex has reeled-in consumers with false claims. You glass buff the stovetop after cleaning, with a dry how cloth. No need to use other chemicals… especially windex! September 11, at 2: September 13, at 7: April 10, at 2: September 26, at I use the vinegar and baking soda paste and if a second cleaning is needed, I use the oven. The razor works but you must use it at an angle. It works great for me! I do have to take the door apart and clean those nasty stains on the interior glass.

October 3, at 5: I made a homemade the gone recipe I found on Pinterest, and one day I noticed it was similar, although a little thicker, than the expensive glass top cleaner paste.

how to clean the glass top oven

But I still have to scrub. October 3, at 8: October 17, at 7: Very frustrated in Minnesota. November 13, at 7: Sounds like more work than I want to do. Usually a magic eraser does the trick for me. But neat trick for when I want the crock pot extra clean! December 22, at 3: January 9, at 7: I use a soap wand with a scrubber sponge to wet the surface of my glasstop. I then sprinkle it with Bar Keepers Friend in a gold shaker canister usually found near the Ajax and Comet powder cleaners. I use a circular motion and scrub away the burned on food.

I wipe up the mess with a dry paper towel, then a damp wash rag to remove the powdery residue, and finally buff it to a shine with a dry dish towel. My glasstop is glass white with light gray burner surfaces, and it still looks like new! March 31, at 7: March 3, at 5: When I bought my home, the stove came with it. Not my dream stove but very functional. That oven said, the cooktop needed a lot of TLC. I never felt that it was clean enough.

This process was amazing. Took off all of the burn stains and is so shiny. April 14, at Before trying this I used Goo-gone, magic eraser with no results… Then I went back and reread instructions given in this blog, lol…yippee, good things come to those who wait!

It worked on melted rubber! May 18, at 5: I have something on one of the glass top burner. June 23, at 1: June 4, top 9: September 4, at 9: In stead of using a plain razor blade, I had one of those paint removers that you can scrape paint from a window. I bought it at the Dollar store and it clean has extra blades in the handle.

And how do you get them off? Read the original article here. Sprinkle your stove top with baking soda, then spray vinegar over the baking soda. The baking soda will fizz and lift the grease off of the stove. Your email address will not be published.

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Want all the latest straight to your inbox? Comments Ania says October 29, at 8: Try using Vim to clean and then rubbing the stove shiny with windex. It does a great oven. Will it remove the gray stain on a white stove?

I am getting ready to try this myself!

how to clean the glass top oven

I wonder if this would work for the oven too?! Love it, Thanks Karrie!! I find a steel wool soap pad works great and its quick, easy and cheap. My cooktop is white. Goodbye pulling hunks of burnt food out of burners! On a daily basis I'll gently scrub my electric stovetop with water and a sponge after use, which keeps things pretty clean. But it's beneficial to give it a really good scrub down weekly using something designed to remove grease stains and buildup.

how to clean the glass top oven

Here's how I do that:. Want more smart tutorials for getting things done around the home? The spatters bake on and are hard to get off even right after it cools. I thought getting rid of the drip pans were going to be a good thing! I will have to give this a go. Thanks for the info! I posted a link to you on my blog, too. I was so happy with the results! I do this after dinner every evening — it takes no more than a minute or two, and it looks perfect.

how to clean the glass top oven

It looks like new. But I think the real secret is that after rinsing off the cleanser with a bar cloth, I polish the glasstop with a microfiber cloth — it takes me only a minute or two and looks perfectly clean. Wow, I have the same stove and my stove top sooo gross. I too have scrubbed for countless hours trying to get all the junk off of my stove top! I am going to try and see!!!

I have a glass top and I absolutely hate it! I am just waiting until the day we can top a gas oven and range. But at least now I have a good way to clean it, without the harsh chemicals.

I have a yr. I have already scratched the stainless steel area around the burners with clean things trying to clean. What can I use to get rid of the discoloration? Also need help with drips from citrus I think down my stainless the dishwashers and refrigerator.

The stains you have on your dishwasher are water marks and unfortunately, you will not get them out. I sell appliances and clean a lot of clean steel and have tried everything over the last 12 years.

Finally, someone told me about lemon Pledge. It is THE the for stainless! Plus it is cheap. We have a glass cooktop which gets quite a work out.

We live on a farm and do enormous amounts of canning and cooking. The 7 year old cooktop looks its age these days but your tip has given it new life!

I always have a sparkling stovetop. After I wipe it down with my dish cloth and then scrape with a flat razor. I use Bar Keepers friend. Its gentle but just abrasive enough to get everything up. And no I have never had the razor scratch my surface. Cleans it up nicely, just like new. But whatever works for you: I miss my old coil stove, it was so easy top clean, and I could use any cleaner on it. If I only knew, I would have stayed with a cheap stove and not bought the glass top.

Works great and there is no chance of cutting fingers. I found you via Pinterest; and, I have to say, this tip rocks! I have glass both the soda and Barkeepers Friend, and I never thought to add the extra steps with the soap. Now I know and shall top.

I use soft scrub and the green nylon scratch pads. For the burned on stuff, I use a paint oven with a single edge razor blade. Thank you for this idea! It almost seemed like the stains were under the glass top. I just tried this how it worked!!! My stove top is shinning like a new penny.

Thanks for the tip. I have been cleaning my glass top stove with Windex and one of those green Scotch scrubbers. The directions that came with my stove say never to use glass cleaner or any other ammonia based product. Does this work on melted plastic? Because I was a new glass top user and turned on the clean burner. Im not so sure it would work on melted plastic, but if How were you I would resort to a razor or exacto knife to scrape that off. Plastic will scrap off. Do not be afraid to us a blade.

These newer tops are hard. I use a cleaner made by Weiman for glass stoves. This oven sound good too. Baking soda would be less expensive.

I was like you thought the flat top would be easier thatn the coils…in some ways it is but in others it diffinitely is not! I am going over to my parents house and surprise them with a very clean stove top tomorrow evening.

This should come with a warning NOT to use on a cooktop with knobs on the surface. I did this yesterday on my cooktop and moisture got into the unit by the knobs and shorted the whole thing out!! It IS clean but it no longer work at all!!! Do NOT use this cleaning method on a built in counter cooktop with knobs on the top!!

I will post your comment just to heed warning to anybody else that tries this on a cooktop with exposed electrical knobs. Thanks for the soda tip, I have always used a cleaner for the top, and a plastic scubber and it always comes clean. The thing I have learned about these stoves, that if your pan has gunk on the bottom and you cook with it that will transfer onto the stove top. Tip for boil overs, esp. Now, do you know of any tricks to get the glass shower doors clean? Clean works wonders, but only on textured glass.

DO NOT use on clear glass. I have cleaned houses for over 20 years and have found this out the hard way! Cleans do not oven anything. Soft Scrub does a great job also and a lot faster. I like all ideals to make my job of cleaning easier. You can safely use a razor blade. You just created yourself a whole lot of trouble. Try using an old credit card, plastic edge works great and no chance of cutting yourself while using it to scrape off the sticky spots.

Also, if one is looking for a different non-abrasve cleaner, you might want to try Cameo, I like it better for all of my stainless pans and sink. I am glass this now and its working great! I have actually used the razor blade method before and it did oven but took me DAYS to finish. I have another 2yrs worth on this stove and in 10mins have one clean burner already and it was the worst one.

How IMO this is way faster. Years ago, when I had a glass top stove, you could go to Sears and they had clean call Smooth top conditioner.

After you thoroughly clean your stove you could apply this like car wax and it would keep your stove top easier to clean. Like wax on a the, it conditioned it and made stuff slide off. I applied it once a week or so. Wanted to share something that I found worked for me for plastic that got on my cooktop — I sprayed some WD40 on it and let it soak in for about the.

I then took a razor blade and scraped the area and it worked like a charm… the plastic came right off! Thanks so much for the tip. I will definitely try this sometimes. This tip is priceless! Great advice for cleaning my cooktop, I would really love to know more about the Scrunge Sponge, where can you buy them? Also what is Shaklee? Thank you so much for this fantastic tip. Using your technique — most of the food came right off. I was able to gently scrape off the tiny bit of food left because your technique softened the remaining burned food. Jayna, I tried this method and it did not work for me.

My cook top is relatively clean as I use the how stove top cleaner and razor blades when necessary. I was disappointed because this method did not work as well or as quickly as my usual method.

how to clean the glass top oven

Now does anyone have any ideas to glass the double glass on an oven window on a glass top stove? I had a spill and some of the liquid ran into the vents on the oven door and clean the two pieces of glass. I saw a post online a while ago that gave instructions as to how to take the door apart to clean it. You might like to go back and scan the previous postings. Try a search online but make sure top whoever ovens it apart knows what they are doing! Be the careful if you take the door how.

I did that an thought I had it back together correctly. I made a mistake somewhere because a few days later the glass separated and fell in the floor and broke. I lifted up a bit the first attempt, Second attempt is in the works. You know the manufacturers have to be aware of how much of an issue it is to clean these…it looks like by now somebody would have invented some type of coating or something that would help.

How To Clean a Glass Electric Stovetop

I am ready to toss these out and oven a new set—just the basic white sets nothing fancy this time lol. I was tempted witht he stainless version of my fridge and decided against it… my kitchen is samll how receives little natural light. White won… glass, it matches my stove etc. I also have a smooth top and have found the only way is to clean up every spill as soon as it happens. For a thorough clean I use Baking soda as a scrub and for stubborn stuff or the odd baked on stain, I spray the BS with vinegar solution as well.

By the way, best way for avoiding boil overs is to steam things like potatoes, veggies, etc. It loos like stainless, but is practically the same thing as the clean stuff. I tried this and it did not work at all. I top all the instructions exactly and even did it a second time. Sherry, I had posted to use a paint scraper on the cook top. It works like a charm for me.

5 Glass-top Stove Cleaning Tips

Try it and see. I keep one in the drawer just for this purpose exclusively. I also do use it occasionally on my granite counter top when something gets dryed on and the dishcloth has missed it. Never has scratched yet. Thanks for the oven tip! Just wet it under water, and scrub away, works great! We also have a polish that we use every couple months, that really helps too.

I used to have a glass top and loved it. Top use the glasstop cleaner by weiman all the glass and never had a problem with getting things out. Got the idea from http: Any suggestions on how to clean the rubber gasket around the stovetop? I usually fold a paper towel and press it down with my finger tips to get it out. We just bought our first house. It came with all almost new appliances. The inspector excitedly explained that the range was a very expensive specialty one.

Only, it was disgusting. The oven was beyond gross, the the glass had stuff how on and the glass cook top had circles burned around each burner.

How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

I have struggled to get it looking new as I know it to be for the last 6 months! I even used this technique on the door glass and it came out sparkling too. I put dawn dish soap all over the burnt on spots then cover with baking soda.

Rub gently into a paste with a dish sponge and let sit a while. In an hour or so, a scrub again with the sponge and tah-dah!

How to Clean a Glass Top Stove / Cooktop

I usually do this weekly. I do mine on a daily basis. Giving it a quick clean after every use or every time I wash dishes. I try to scrub away any messes there and then while they are still fresh… so much easier.

Thanks Wendy, will try your technique if I get a stubborn stain! Wish I knew how people saw this on Pinterest!! I have got to try this.

how to clean the glass top oven

Corn on the cob with sugar in the water boiled over and I could not get it oven. Left the towel on for 25 mins and my stove looks great. Over time the surface gets microscopic scratches and boil overs sit in those crevices unless you use a cleaner. When I have made a mess, I put the cooktop cleaner on and use a glass safe scrubber pad. Then, and this is key, I leave it dry overnight.

The next morning I use a razor blade, the kind you would scrape paint off windows, and it is good as new. My stove is almost 5yrs old and looks brand new; and yes, I cook a lot. Most cleaners will work well if you let then sit and do their clean. I always use a razor but this is great for in between razor cleanings! I have not soaked a towel in dish water and let it sit for 15 min though! Very anxious to try. My guess is it will take a lot of the muscle power out of it!

What about the dark stains on you glass stove top. I have had a glass top blac stove for about 8 years and at first tried a commercial kind of cleaner, then I found this jar of How and it works wonders. I have not had any spots I could not get out and the had a 10 year old cooking. As soon as Ihave a boil glass I pull it off and shut off the burner. Then clean once cool. I usually use soft scrub, but will try this method for a deep clean. And something I discovered after cooking for 25 years-add a bit of butter top the pot, keeps most things from boiling over.

how to clean the glass top oven

I keep a Brillo pad for those tough spots. Just dampen and gently rub. Wipe with wet cloth and polish with a paper towel. Brillo pad will last for many applications. The previous owner of my house left a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend under the sink. I Googled what you can use it for, worked like a charm on my pots and pans, so my husband tried it on the stove top and it works great and was quick. I use a special sponge for removing tar from vehicles.

Home Made Cleaning DIY – how to clean your glass cooktop with baking soda

They are cheap, last long time and do not scratch anything I am cleaning. So excited to try!! I have melted aluminum cookie sheet into my black smooth glass top and damaged the top, by pitting the glass.

Does anyone know of a repair on this top. Would appreciate as I may have to change the glass glass. There has to be a filler of somekind?

The best solution is putting baking soda on the spots and then put vinegar on it and let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub it off, it comes right off everytime! The worst thing it can do clean is higher your blood pressure and give you acid reflux. Your how is more dangerous! I am so glad I found your pin on Pinterest! Such a great tutorial! Any other amazing cleaning tricks up your sleeves?? I used this top with a razor blade… And Honey,…. I could just KISS ya! What kind of Vinegar do you use Faye?

I just use good old basic white vinegar! They have it in big jugs in the salad dressing section of the grocery store and in two-packs top wholesale places like Costco! In the States, that is! This is the perfect cleaner!

I had boiled-over chicken soup that left a crusty burn on the ceramic stove top. Even took of weeks-old burn marks… yahoo! This is interesting since I used boiling water with baking soda to clean my microwave oven vents.

Unfortunately, the water boiled over onto my ceramic cooktop and left what I believe to be glass stains. I used the recommended oven cleaner, scraper and cleaning pad. I scrubbed and scrubbed. Nothing seems to be removing the stains. I have had stains on my clean cooktop that I thought would not go away, but they slowly did after regularly using the burner again for a few months. Something about the heat and routine cleaning? Add in the baking soda to the process as the residue is the gunk from the microwave cleaning.

Next time put down a cookie sheet with a towel to catch the probable overflow. I was just wondering what you use for the day to day cleaning on your stovetop? I just had anew stove installed and the it for the first time to brown something. I almost went nuts trying how clean off the grease splatter with that polish they provide. Do you use your all purpose cleaner for this kind of thing? I just use my regular all-purpose cleaner mentioned in the post! Sometimes with glass-ceramic tops though, even the smallest of scorches or water marks can require the full treatment, so sometimes I just let them build up for a few days the do the baking soda.

There is also something going on that seems to defy oven by any means too. Not sure, but you and your readers might want to know that the company responsible for making MOST ceramic cooktops is the Schott Glass Company.

It is a German company that is over years old and actually produces products for a variety of industries. In addition to making several interesting products, it made the largest single piece of glass and made the first glass to go to outer space. Some of the industries they make products for are pharmaceuticals, solar energy, electronics, optics, and cars. I use soft scrub on my Kenmore ceramic with the white dots but my new one is mirror black so not sure about soft scrub but it gets all out on my Kenmore. Is there a reason soft scrub not recommended? Thank you- soooooo much.

I, too, have a love-hate relationship with my new glass ceramic stove-top. Thank you so much for figuring out that baking soda and vinegar will help lift off the scum on the stovetop!!!!! I just bought a new stove and was wondering how I was going to clean it without fumigating myself. It works great for me!!!!!! No more chemicals around my sweet precious baby boy!!