How do you reinstall game data on ps3

how do you reinstall game data on ps3
Also, saved data that has been restored may not be usable in some games. Then I played my first event and got a double encore my first one ever and the unlocked bonus song Boss.

Do I lose everything if I delete the game data?

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

I want to delete it to make room for more stuff, but I'm not sure that this won't delete all my saved data aswell. I was wondering if anyone knows that this is the case for MGS4 aswell?

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

No you will not lose everything. Game data is not linked to save data. Yeah don't worry your saved data will be fine.

How to Delete Game Data and Save Data on your PlayStation 3

So far all games on PS3, even on PSP Go when ereased always leave untouched your Save data, games and save files are in separated categories for the system. Oh, and also, if you are not sure if your save data will be completely safe on your PS3 HDD, like sharing your system with other users even if you have separate accountsor having a really old PS3 in the verge of exploting or breaking. Thats what I do with my most valuable Saves.

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

MGS4 with 40 emblems. Game data is merely a save file which is to indicate that you have the latest version of it so even if you've removed it from your PS3 the game data and the trophies you earned are kept intact. But as erdvilla said if you're worried about I'd recommend you to transfer the game data to your USB memory in advance, before actually getting rid of it.

How to Delete and Install Game Data on a PS3 Hard Drive

Can someone please explain to me how to delete my I assume save data in order to start Rocksmith fresh on the PS3. Without, however, deleting any of the DLC songs I have purchased I have the preorder free songs and many songs I paid for. A walk through description of how to do this correctly would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks in advance for your time and effort!!!!!!!!!! Originally Posted by exolstice Go to original post. If it's just the double encores that you're after, they're still easy to get no matter what level you are at. So all you have to do is replace some of the songs in your set list with some songs that are newly downloaded or just some arrangements that you have not played yet. When you get your encore, pause the game after you see what song is coming.

Then youtube someone playing the song on Rocksmith so that you can refresh your memory a bit before playing it.

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

If you do well, you'll probably get the double encore. When I started with Rocksmith, I would always play the event as soon as I qualified the songs, therefore I wasn't getting the double encores. Once I found out the requirements, I was still able to unlock all the songs later. I was probably around level 8 or 9 when I unlocked my first song.

First, Thank You WickedBadz for catching that mistake in the directions. I probably would have just blindly followed the instructions if not for your post. Second, I went to delete my Save Data and saw that there was an option to copy it, so I first copied it to a guest account I set up on my PS3, then deleted it in my main account.

Third, I played my first two songs to qualify, but stopped playing during the rehearsal once I got to the number of points required to qualify.

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

Thanks Dizzyg12 for that suggestion. Then I played my first event and got a double encore my first one ever and the unlocked bonus song Boss. Sure I will have to re-unlock the guitarcade games, and by stopping playing right after I get the qualifying points in rehearsal I will not rack up a lot of RSP, but it is more important to me to get the bonus songs and it looks like this is going to work for me. If you don't get a double encore just press your PS button on the controller while it's tallying up your scores and quit the game before it saves and try again.

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

You'll get the same encore, and you'll be better at playing it. I deleted my saved game to restart and grab the double encore bonus tracks, just knowing the tracks and having a better feel for the game got me double encores on the first two events.

how do you reinstall game data on ps3

On a similar note I have replaced my HDD with a bigger one following all the steps and totally succesfully except for one thing.