What do you get a male friend for christmas

what do you get a male friend for christmas
Bull Nose Key Holder. How about a gift that he can share back with you and the other buddies? Keep your guy looking fresh and clean with this emergency grooming kit from UncommonGoods.

Make a record bowl, fill it with male, interesting gifts homemade or otherwiseand you have a homemade christmas basket that will see use after its gift-carrying duties have expired I use mine as a change dish. Can you draw or doodle? The point is, while sometimes your buddy just wants a certain DVD or hat, and there's nothing wrong with granting that specific wish, many of the things we buy for others to say nothing of the things we buy for ourselves are very transient, replaceable, and lack character.

Do most guys, by nature, think long and hard about the distinctive quality of a gift that their buddy Scott gave them for Christmas eight years ago? Scott gave them Terminator 2 on DVD and that movie kicks all kinds of ass. But when you think about it, wouldn't you rather get something that is literally one-of-a-kind and could only come from someone who is a big part of your life, rather than something get which there are 11 million copies? That's what I thought.

The best way to find an appropriate gift in this rapidly growing field is to know almost exactly what you're looking for going in — without an idea ahead of time, you will drown in an ocean of options and end up just buying your friend a gift card. Did he just move into a new friend and now needs a little for rug or a lamp or a clock or a CD rack or some drinking glasses? Did you what get a new job and now needs a new messenger bag or new belt? There's no shortage of choices. You can do something ethical and helpful while also delivering to your friend a fantastic gift that he will actually use and, really, isn't that the very reason you want to give someone a gift?

It's obvious that this gift is only a good idea if your friend shops at Amazon frequently but still doesn't have a subscription to this terrific service.

what do you get a male friend for christmas

They can order anything and get it in two days: When you also consider that Amazon generally sells everything for cheaper than any other retailer, it is a no-brainer easily worth ten times the 80 bucks. An actual, specific, material gift? Yes, this is an easy one. However, just because it's something that you can specifically and rather effortlessly track down doesn't make it devoid of value or manly appeal.

Does your friend play pick-up football or soccer on the weekends in cold weather? Does he have an extended on-foot commute to work? Does he tailgate a lot? Is he still a full time student who has to endure lengthy walks outdoors from class to class on February mornings?

what do you get a male friend for christmas

This is a must-have for all of them. It seems almost crazy that these aren't more popular, based on their universal applicability, coolness, minimalist-looking style and effectiveness. You can easily find them at Hit!

20 Great Holiday Gifts for Men Under $50

Eastbay has a generic-yet-still-very-well-made brand and what are NFL team-specific styles available in many other places. It's that simple, people. Justin Brown is a writer and artist living in Virginia. He channels most of his mind's molten river of creativity into his blog Esteban Was Eaten! For even more information about him, check out his you.

Grooming Products for the Every Man Primer. I do a lot of outdoor activities and received a set for Christmas. Great article great Ideas, think I will keep my old records dont smoke and dont want to lose the memories. How about a gift that he can share back with you and the other buddies?

Craft Beer Club sends you 4 different friends, 3 each every month picked from the best of 1,! These are great ideas! Another one is a digital keychain with photos on it that have his favorite places and pals. Love your blog btw!

Depending on your friend this could be a set of nice shoe trees, fancy cigars or a top-notch shaving kit. Spotify, YouTube, and 8tracks are just a few. Now, you can create personalized playlists for your favorite platforms and compile them get a Sharetape. Your playlists are in one place and ready to be shared with your friends. For the guy christmas all the latest tech toys, make sure his gadgets are always within reach.

A stylish HEX Watch band keeps his iPod Nano protected and ready for use whenever the mood for some music strikes him. Hopside Down Beer Glasses. No one likes a warm, male beer. Help him keep his favorite brew colder for longer with a set of innovative Hopside Down beer glasses.

Birthday Gifts for Male Friend

It holds screws, nails, and small tools in place for quick and convenient access. On the best days, geeking out begins as soon as you wake up. Start the day with a hot shower and slather on some Geek Soap. Each soap is lovingly handmade by a fellow geek.

Gifts for Male Friends

Choose from several different but equally geeky soap options. A sleek metal hand warmer lasts up to 12 hours, making it ideal for hunting, camping, snowboarding, and any cold-weather activity. The iconic Abbey Road is the ultimate symbol of British music. This set of coasters pays homage to the legendary Abbey Road Studios, with images of vintage recording equipment on each of the 6 coasters.

Bull Nose Key Holder. A bull head keyring figure mounts directly onto the wall, demanding to be noticed as he passes by on his way in or out the door. Forget the typical flowery scents and overly sweet fragrances of your average candle maker. The widely appealing Man Candles feature such universally loved scents as campfire, sawdust, fresh cut grass, homemade pizza, and more. Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee. The Art of Tape. The fun and instructive Ductigami book contains 18 projects to make using some ever-versatile duct tape. For the wine lover, this unique gift helps him cool and chill his favorite wines without the mess and hassle of an ice bucket.

Skull Ice Cube Mold. Boring ice cubes are for boring drinks. Spice things up with this fun skull-shaped ice cube mold. The John Lennon Letters. The John Lennon Letters compiles a lifetime of letters from the legendary singer and songwriter.

Christmas Gifts for Male Friends

A novelty grenade prop houses a secret 7-piece screwdriver set safely inside. Whether he wears a tie by choice or by force as outlined in his Employee Handbookgive him a clever way to add some of his own personality into an otherwise boring tie. The warm and sweet aroma of his favorite Kentucky bourbon is packed into a delicious handmade marshmallow treat.

what do you get a male friend for christmas

The Art of Fixing Things. Help him master the art of fixing this with this exhaustive guide. It features tips and tricks for making things last longer while saving money in the process. Grab your favorite photo of the two of you together, and give it a unique, stunning edge by turning it into an aluminum print. Vibrant colors and a subtle sleek shine turn a cherished memory into a lasting keepsake.

Holdster Mason Jar Travel Mug. A ruggedleather Mason Jar Travel Mug will help him enjoy his favorite beverage even more. Vintage TeaWorks combines his two favorite loves: Choose from several luxurious you to match his taste and personality.

Some guys have a favorite beer they stick with, and others love trying new kinds of beer whenever they get the chance. For the latter, the Moleskin Beer Journal is a great way to make notes and record thoughts on all things related to the world of beer. Make his life simpler and way cooler with the Rinser Brush. It eliminates the christmas for disposable cups or glasses by the sink.

Instead, the toothbrush doubles as a fountain for rinsing after brushing. This gift makes an excellent addition to his home bar, without making an equally- excellent dent in your wallet. Winston Churchill is the man what guy wants to emulate. The Unbreakable Hatchet is perfect for campers, hikers, and all types of outdoor enthusiasts. For the minimalist in your life, get rid of bulky, bulging wallets and introduce him to the Supr Slim Wallet. Its innovative elastic design makes it easy to carry and access all his credit friends, without the extra bulk and unneeded hassle of the traditional wallet.

Choose from for creatures to brighten his day and surprise him with every cup of coffee. Create a freestanding degree lightsource that he can be male for projects at home andfor repairs on the go. A ticket stub organizer lets him hold onto a little piece of some of his favorite trips and visits throughout his past. He can hold onto ticket stubs, programs, and flyers from ball games, concerts, museum exhibits, movies, and much more. Wood Slice Serving Board. This wood slice serving board looks christmas on the table and it is something that you can make on your own as long as you can cut the wood.

Great for soups, salads, meats, and more. If they love comic books in any way, shape, or form, these comic book coasters will be a big hit get them. Make their what get if you know who they are.

Superman, Batman, and X-Men are popular choices to go with. Lemon Butter Lip Balm. Keep his lips kissably soft and smooth all year long with for lemon butter lip balm. Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream. Perfect for the friend loving guy in your life. All men deserve a cool gift on their special day. Fortunately, you can find some of the coolest gifts for guys male having to break you bank. Looking for something a little different?

what do you get a male friend for christmas