What can i do if a neighbor is harassing me

what can i do if a neighbor is harassing me
Get in touch over on https: Her complaint- it's blocking access. And when the cops do come they may did me!

These behaviors may seem minor at first, but they can escalate, and even if they do not, they may be persistent. Harassing behavior can have some profound effects on your life and your health, so take it seriously. If the police come to your home, ascertain why the came and the name of the officers in question. If you notice damage on your property, take pictures of it, and if you have any threatening confrontations with your neighbor, write down the date and the subject of the confrontation.

If they ever touch you or act in a way that is unwelcome, mark that down as well. A log like this can help you establish a pattern of harassing behavior if the matter needs to come to legal issues.

Q153: My neighbour is harassing me, what can I do?

You will also find that in some states, recording your conversations with someone else is entirely legal. Before you do this, however, you should always make sure that you know what the laws in your area are like. Communicate Talk to other neighbors. You may find that you are far from being the first victim of this kind of abuse. Many people who harass one person are willing to harass more, and you will find that this kind of behavior might be wide-spread, even if you have never heard about it before.

When you are asking around, speak to your neighbors in a calm and deliberate manner. Tell them that you are not interested in causing trouble, but that you have been feeling very frustrated and angry. This is something that can help you figure out if there is a pattern to the harassment and if others have gone through the same thing that you have. If you find that other people are suffering too, you will discover that this can strengthen your case significantly. Be very clear in confrontations with your what. It is not typically advised that you confront your neighbor but some contact may be unavoidable.

If you need to simply ignore your neighbor and to remove yourself from the situation, then do so. Contacting Legal Authorities It is important not to take harassment from a neighbor lightly. If they have gone to some trouble to harass you with police presence, your life can easily be disrupted. Most of the time, the violations that they have accused you of will simply result in a warning, but in other cases, you may can or worse. These are things that can have a lasting impact on your life, even if the original charge seems ridiculous or harassing something that would be quickly dismissed.

Harassment from a neighbor can quickly become an issue that impacts your neighbor in a big way. Ehow states that you should take a moment to consider contacting an attorney, especially if the police have been involved http: Make sure that you know your legal rights and that you understand what recourse you have.

what can i do if a neighbor is harassing me

Our neighbor has put up a high intensity floodlight that is focused on our front door,;it does not shine on his property at all. What if its the other way around?

My friends neigbor was asked nicely multiple times to fix his key fob so it would stop honking 26 plus times in a row at 6am day after day. They called the police. Three years later from the first call to the police and he gets in his car every morning at 6: He finally snaps at my friend when shes home alone because she flipped him off for again driving past her with his windows down, revving his engine and glaring at her. He peeled out in reverse up the street and came back infront of her house to start something so her and her husband filed a protection order.

what can i do if a neighbor is harassing me

He got mad and filed one back and calls the cops on them when they go to the grocery store, if they mow their yard and his cars are deliberatly parked in front of their yard and because my friend flipped him off.

Not only is he wasting tax dollars but hes using the city to harass them. Sometimes calling the police because a neighbor finds it entertaining to make unacceptable amounts of noice before the 7am city ordinance is the only choice you have. Burn his car; kick his ass? Unless you are in organized crime you will get caught and do serious time. The male husband is a deputy. She has harassed and made accusations about other neighbors with NO proof. Recently she verbally assaulted me while I was outside and has in the past vandalized my yard as well as allowing her adult son to throw loud parties and stay up till 4am yelling.

I have made several reports and called the cops this last time. I was told by cops to NOT engage in verbal abuse coming at me and to Call them. I am in the process of doing this. This way I can capture her the next time she does what she did this last time. With that — she will eventually not be able to control herself and will do it again but with AUDIO there is NO question to the cops who is assaulting who.

I suggest talking to an attorney and get some cameras!! Have COPS do an investigation into the issues. Now, many people on the site claim to be victims but are actually perpetrators.

This is a what crime and so far even the corrupt government participates. Be careful with some if the people on there because harassing I said they are actual harassers. This very easy problem to remedy. Then when you hear him fussing in the morning. Film on cell phone and post. I think that neighbor neighborhood has anti-social behaving neighbors, but we like you, have some neighbors who are psychopaths.

I agree with this comment can, but somethings cannot be ignored.

what can i do if a neighbor is harassing me

Like stalking and threats such as: Stalking is against the law as are criminal threats. Both actions can be charged as felony violations if serious enough and even a misdemeanor could get their attention. He simply amps up his game, up to and including, damaging property. Examine your own behavior to determine whether you said or did something that may have triggered the harassment. Do not seek out your neighbor to borrow anything or initiate any conversations if the harassment stems from overly friendly neighbors who do not respect your privacy.

Cease any unreasonable behaviors you or other members of your family might have been neighbor. For example, if your teenagers have been playing very loud music late at night that disturbs your neighbors' sleep, your teen must refrain from what so.

Discuss the situation face to face with the neighbor. Do not raise your voice or express your anger. State your feelings calmly and explain to your neighbor why his behavior is a harassment.

For example, if he has been ringing your doorbell very early every morning to demand you move your car because he believes it is blocking his driveway, point out to him where the property line is and show him how you are within your rights to park there. Can anyone give me advice, please. ProblemNeighbours - 4-Jul I have been in living in my present home for almost 4 yearsWhen I first arrived, an old man in his 80s came in and said there was can need for a fence at the harassing end of the garden which backs on to fields.

what can i do if a neighbor is harassing me

I explained that I had a little dog and it would be needed to keep the dog in my gardenI then bought a lead and stake which I would use to let him go to the toilet. He said it in a friendly fashion so I didn'tsayanything. The policeman said my dog in the half-hour he was there was a docile animal; the Dog Wardens who came out 4 times and a letter received from them onSaturday also said they find no fault with my dog's behaviour. Can anyone give meadvice, please. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help with my situation.

So I am basically being harassed by my neigbours the main thing getting to me know if the constant complaints made against us.

How to Deal with a Harassing Neighbor

I was told on the one neighbor after the police had seen them that they had told them to stop that it was borderline a hate crime and a waste of police time and the council have told them they won't open another anti social case against us as everything they said was disproved. And yet I've since been told as I said I now didn't want to hear of the ridiculous complaints that they keep making unless there is proof my housing officer I am council they own their house basically said if they don't complain for a while then complain the complaint will be investigated!!

So if we stay here we potentially will have to put up with it forever! So I now feel that the council are facilitating them by taking they complaints seriously when they know they are made up. We are being forced out of our house because of this as I cannot take their abuse and complaints what and now know it definitly won't stop no matter what.

What can I actually do? Is there only an injunction left? Or is there something else I can Do? Please help thank you Elflin - 2-Jul 8: To the lady who left the comment about her current situation in Leeds- you are not on your own. My wife and I are going through what is happening to you at this moment in time. We have felt extremely let down by the Police- my wife will never ring the Police ever again about anything she is so distressed about it after being called Paranoid and implied she has lied.

This kind of stalking has been happening tor us now for 18months. We have taped what happens to my wife when she is outside on her own and harassing cameras with so much evidence that other people agree it is happening and a fully logged detailed diary of everything that has occurred here since we moved here. You must keep a diary and log it all down - it is important as we have been able to explain everything that happened here to us and that we are telling the truth.

It is a vile kind of stalking- deliberate psychological harassment that is beyond belief and so subtle and can only the person who is the victim knows it is happening to them. It should be a crime!!

what can i do if a neighbor is harassing me

They intrude on every part of your life. You are right they are pests but they are evil with it. My wife had terrible lies about her and it is an orchestrated hate campaign which is deliberate and nasty.

She has never defended herself or reacted because there is no point she says. They believe the lies and hate her and do not even know her. It was our next door neighbour who started it also but it got out of hand and now my wife has to stay behind locked gates every day while the people who should have helped her ignore her pleas for help!!!

On Thursday night she was working on the front when a woman got can of the car and fisted her. If I had not been there nobody would have believed her and swore at by another woman who used her fingers to gestureat her. My wife has done nothing but she was to afraid to call the Police because they would not believe her anyway so we did nothing and let them do it to us.

We are saddened, disappointed and my wife is extremely distressed because everything she says is the truth and because it is such a clever form of harassment it is almost impossible to prove. Yet we have proven it is happening and yet are pleas are ignored. My wife is leftisolated and vulnerable and it is not right. Keep a Logged Diary- It is important and we hope they leave you alone eventually. We also hope the same one day also. Lunatic actors began to contact neighbours to harass me and my family. After I tried to report this to the police they discriminated against me.

Since the police, leeds council and police and ambulance, ganged up on me and my family. We have had other neighbours hacking into our computers, controlling and harassing me when Im about to leave the house, stalking me around, even copying me as I dress, spitting at me, speeding with their cars as Im about to go out shouting at me to f off out of here, I have filmed some of their gang stalking bullocks, they act like their not part of this but others agree they are nothing but pests for the police to manipulate.

Tasha - Jun Since I've been renovating my house me and my girlfriend have constantly been getting harrarssed by our neighbour When what was some wood in our garden that we needed to take to the recycling centre once we got harassing, the neighbour came around demanding that we get the rubbish from our garden gone as it's causing a rat problem, there was no rats at all we said it will be going soon once we get around to it When we had workmen in the house during the weekday working normal hours because they were doing a bit of drilling the neighbour decided to come around again to complain as they had guests over and couldn't hear each other over the noise we were having some plug sockets fitted there was not much noise.

When my girlfriend was having a shower one morning at about 10am the windows were open she put some music on next thing we know my daughter has come to me saying the neighbours are shouting up at us as the music is to what, so we turned it off. When we were finishing of our bathroom the neighbour knocked on the door again my girlfriend answered and she neighbor a mouthful of abuse from our neighbour saying she can't hear herself think due to the noise of us working in the bathroom which was about 10 mins after my girlfriend calmed down she decided to go around and see the neighbour but she was still quite hostile and decided to chest poke my girlfriend saying she knew her auntie and uncle A few weeks ago we were in the garden having a BBQ with my girlfriend, her neighbor and two kids who were having a play in the paddling pool and they asked for some music so we put harassing on at a low volume next thing we know the neighbours are shouting at us to turn it off, we choose to ignore them as its in the harassing of the afternoon next thing we know the neighbour decides to get a stool and stands over our fence looking in telling us to turn it down again we chose to ignore him telling him he doesn't own the steet.

At the weekend we had some family over for a BBQ and a few drinks, we had our music on low and just having general chit chat, next thing we know the neighbours are starting again we choose to ignore then the women puts her head over the fence saying if you don't keep the noise down I'm going to chuck water over you, we stood our ground and said we're doing nothing wrong just talking listening to the music at a low level you couldn't hear it once you entered our house, next thing a load of stones start coming over luckily we had a large umbrella and they bonuced away and not hitting any of the kids.

I'm not really sure what to do will the police listen??? I don't want to retaliate as two wrongs don't make a right, me and my girlfriend are really fed up with them he's even knocked on our neighbour on the other as she was listening to music with her windows open during the day as we were next door you could barely hear it. Charlie - Jun My kids keep on being harassed by their neighbours and watching every move that they do even complaining to the council that their grass is too long.

Even though its been cut down. They am always looking through the curtains at them. It has been going on since my kids moved there 3 years since their Mom died. Every time the kids go outside they can watching them. She even complained about where the kids keep the bins.

Bertie - 8-Jun Ever since neighbours moved in had bullying leaning out of window videoing laughing mocking After council told them to remove a tree house never stopped If in garden SHE approaches and starts verbal abuse I am pathetically weak! Accuses me as s single parent defrauding council! Spreads exaggerated rumours Cuts right over fence Lies she could have faced prison for her lies causing waste of police time causing yet more trouble Now upstairs window faces open into our garden NOT hers to spy harass intimidate as nobody cut down their garden on our side Sj - May 5: Sj - May 4: My mother-in-law who is 67lives in a ground floor flat that is rented with an estate agent.

The tenants are friends. Everything was fine until last October when the female tenant above my mum started heavily drinking with the male friend from the other flat. She started arguing with another neighbour up the street and in the process my mum has had threatening behaviour. This woman knocking on her door. The woman telling her that she will make sure my mum cannot stay in her flat. Harrassing not only my mum but my family and other neighbours on the street. She even hit a pcso and basically got away with it. She has stayed with me on and off throughout these months butbasically been left to feel she can no longer stay in her home.

Harassment—such as physical threats, calling the police to report false fires or other emergencies, or purposefully making the environment unlivable—is a different situation. Be aware that whether you are confronting a nuisance or deliberate harassment, you may have to be very persistent to get your concerns addressed. Invite him for coffee," says Wolfe. The keys are communication and compassion.

A paper trail of complaints and a log of incidents will help you build your case if you wind up breaking your lease and your landlord sues you for it. By providing an opportunity for parties to speak in a controlled environment, such as in the managing agent's office, mediation can lessen the hostility when parties inevitably interact in the future.

Mediation costs a lot less than litigation.