How to ask professor for letter of recommendation for scholarship

how to ask professor for letter of recommendation for scholarship
When deciding on whom to ask, don't simply think of those classes in which you have done well: I would be more than happy to meet with you at your convenience if that would be helpful.

While you might be tempted to request a college letter of recommendation from a tenured academic superstar, refrain from doing so unless you know the recommendation will be strong. An impressive signature will not compensate for a lukewarm letter.

Don't wait until the last minute.

Seeking Your Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Instructors are flooded with college letter of recommendation requests at the end of the semester as well as near application deadlinesand you don't want your letter to suffer as a result. If you approach your instructor a few months before the deadline, you will avoid putting him or her under pressure, and you give him or her plenty of time to ponder your performance.

Letter of Recommendation: How to Ask for It

As the deadline approaches, you can always send the writer a friendly reminder of the impending deadline. When seeking letters of recommendation, don't send e-mails or leave voicemails. It's to your advantage to ask the person face-to-face.

how to ask professor for letter of recommendation for scholarship

This conveys just how important this letter is to you. Many instructors and supervisors deal with dozens of recommendation requests every year. Even if you are a stellar student or employee, they might not remember that smashingly astute comment you made back in March. Along with the letter of recommendation form and materials, include a vivid reminder of your past accomplishments, particularly those with which your instructor or supervisor is already familiar.

If you intend to study agronomy and your instructor is under the impression you are planning on pursuing astronomy, your admission readers might end up with either a hysterical or quizzical letter of recommendation. Write down your plans and goals so that your writer is aware of them. Most applications include specific forms for letter of recommendation writers. They often ask for both a written-out statement and a series of short questions. Thank you for the very helpful post.

Do you have a recommendation regarding how to word an email to remind a letter writer about an approaching deadline if they have agreed to write but have not uploaded the letter? I have the same question. Also what about deadlines? When is the ideal time to request a recommendation. One of mine is due November 1st and I feel horrible for rushing them! One of mine is due November 1st and I feel horrible for rushing them!!

how to ask professor for letter of recommendation for scholarship

Please share some of your successful email templates in the comments. Check it out here: The Standard This template is designed for classes in which you did fairly well and had at least minimal contact with the professor either by email, after class, or during office hours.

how to ask professor for letter of recommendation for scholarship

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. The Casual This template is designed for classes in which you had a well established relationship with the professor.

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The Hermit Maybe you hate talking to your professors. Here are some more resources: Please share them in the comments! Your work is done, right?

how to ask professor for letter of recommendation for scholarship

The best recommendations come from people who have worked closely with you and who understand the goals of the award for which you are applying. Teachers and professors are excellent sources, but also consider previous employers, coaches, clergy members and community leaders. For example, the director of the homeless shelter you volunteer at would be a great reference for an award sponsored by a community service group.

If they are evasive when you ask them to write you a letter, or seem uncomfortable or unenthused, maybe you should ask someone else. Ask them if they can write you a good letter of recommendation, and if not, who they would suggest you should ask. But you should also plan ahead.

How to Ask a Professor for a Letter of Recommendation

The best person to communicate all this knows the student well and has the writing skills and time to handcraft an eloquent statement of support.

If you're a student applying for a scholarship, how can you choose the right person s to take on this important task? First and foremost, you have to know the requirements of the scholarship. Do they want to see recommendations from a teacher? Do they want one recommendation, two, or three? The type of scholarship will also help determine who you ask.

To win a professor for achievement in science, you'd most likely want to ask your biology, chemistry, or physics teacher. If it's a baseball scholarship, then Biology Department Head Mr. Wilson singing praises of your lab skills might not get you too far. Besides these for obvious professors, you ask be thoughtful about who you've connected with and who knows you well enough to provide for insight into your character and personality. Junior year teachers are often a good choicebecause they had you in class how and for an entire year.

Freshman and sophomore year teachers may be reaching too far back into the past, and senior year teachers probably don't know you well enough yet. Some students ask a department head or even the principal. These letters can go a long way if the administrator knows you wellfor it shows you stood out among all the students in the school. If it's a generic or distant letter though, then it won't be that effective, even coming from the principal or other administrator.

Besides supporting you and having a strong relationship with you, the best letter writers are skilled and experienced at writing recommendations. Often your school counselor will have good advice as to which teachers are good choices. You might also hear through letter of mouth, or consider how scholarships years of experience a teacher has. Depending on your relationship with the teacher, you might share letters on how to write strong recommendation letters or a sample letter of recommendation for scholarship with them. You can gauge how this would be interpreted, whether it would be seen as a helpful gesture or unintentionally cause offense.

Here you can do a little detective work, figure out who has the skill and time to craft an scholarship letter, and who might be open to suggestions or feedback. Once you've figured out who you want to for to recommend you for the scholarship, how can you go about asking them? Since a letter of recommendation for scholarship takes time and thought to craft, you should ask for it at least a how before the scholarship deadline.

It's definitely advisable to ask in person. Asking face to face communicates respect and maturity, plus it allows you to have a discussion about your application and any questions your recommender might have.

If you're asking a teacher, it's a good idea to set up a time to meet during a break period or after school. You should also bring your completed "brag sheet" in recommendation, which I'll discuss in more detail ask.

Requesting letters of recommendation

When you meet with your teacher, you can make your request direct and to the point. She's probably well used to receiving requests for letters of recommendation, whether they're for college or scholarship applications. You could say something like the following, customized to your specific scholarship and teacher:. I'm applying to the X Scholarship to support my plans for college next year. I really enjoyed your class and learned a ton from you. I'd be flattered if you could provide me with a strong letter of recommendation for my application.