How do i beat shao kahn in mortal kombat komplete edition

how do i beat shao kahn in mortal kombat komplete edition
Just get near the boss and jump over him again and again until he does something that keeps a him bit longer busy and do a good combo or simple uppercut. Timing your atacks can let you wittle His health down it is a hard match but it can be managed I am an awful MK player so only way i know is to be cheap ,. Thierry Lam 1 4

The trick is to get behind him at this point to both avoid his attack and get a free hit of you own.

how do i beat shao kahn in mortal kombat komplete edition

Raiden is quite well placed to take advantage of this as you can get behind him very quickly by teleporting. Once you've knocked him down once, teleport behind him and perform a simple attack to knock him down again forward and FK works, if I recall.

Don't get too cocky and go for a combo - he will often gain armour the white flash of invulnerability and go to town on your face. The timing needs some getting used to but it's not too hard. It's cheesy, yes, but he's so infuriating that I personally don't feel bad about exploiting his AI.

how do i beat shao kahn in mortal kombat komplete edition

The hardest part is often knocking him down in the first place, as well as maintaining the rhythm. I'd tried numerous things before I found this, and it's worked on both Story mode and Ladder matches, with a variety of characters.

I've got him down to only a quarter health left before using teleport jump and combos. Sadly, I'm yet to beat him.

how do i beat shao kahn in mortal kombat komplete edition

Shao Kahn's AI just uses 'spear spear hammer hammer' and then blocks any attack I send. I've used the electric fly and all that jazz but can't figure it out quite yet.

Mortal Kombat 9 - How to beat Shao Kahn vs Liu Kang story mode, the easy way.

Best way get past his xray is by a. The shoulder charge he uses to breach the gap between you and him if useing keep away technique and also he sometimes "cheats" by useing the shoulder charge twice right after another and then it is hammer time. And if you use electric fly then he just throws a spear and you get nailed and then throws hammer, spear, hammer or hammer, hammer, shoulder charge, which got my health to where in just one hit Raiden dies and this is just the first round.

Some how he manages to get full x-ray in the first about 15 seconds and when he enables that do as I said earlier.

But Shao Kahn just simply counters with a hammer slam followed by his basic op combo. Also practice on something in training mode just don't throw and dont enable the ai until you learn how to use the abilities.

Just shoot projectiles and electri fly and if he gets to close just teleport and go backwards I've beat the game plenty of times now. Thank you for your interest in this question. Also, Liu Kang can't teleport. Originally posted by BrandeX:.

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Originally posted by wheatley I played it on normal. Beat it by blocking all of his attacks and using the T,T,T kombo whenever he throws his hammer, uses his jumping attack, or taunts.

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Join them; it only takes a minute: Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. What's the best way to beat Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat?

how do i beat shao kahn in mortal kombat komplete edition

Thierry Lam 1 4 Wait till you have to fight him with Raiden